Monday, Nov. 24th, 2014

The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) organized a workshop entitled “War Repercussions on Social Justice Sector”, within the activities of “Emergency Legal Assistance to the Affected People in Rafah Due to the 2014 War on Gaza Project”, supported by UNDP/PAPP, which provides legal aids to the vulnerable and the affected groups due to Gaza war 2014.

PhD. Ibrahim Muammar, chairman of NSDL, Mr. Ahmed Nasser, the governor of Rafah governorate, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Shamalah – deputy manager of Supporting Rule of Law and Access to Justice for the Palestinian People Programme, by UNDP/PAPP, lawyers, advocates, and journalists from Rafah.

The advocate, Suad Al-Mashni opened the workshop welcoming the guests and the attendance. The PhD. Muammar talked about the project aims to provide urgent legal aid to the affected people due to Gaza war 2014 in Rafah, especially the vulnerable groups, and talked about the role Legal Aid Clinic No.9 at the society in aiding the vulnerable and the deprived groups of the Palestinian society and providing free legal services for for 4 years, to make an important turning point in improving the legal system in Rafah.

On the other hand, Mr. Nasser stressed on that Rafah is the southern port of Palestine to the world talking about the features of the city that make it a risk zone in contrast with the other cities of the Gaza Strip. Then he talked about the governorate, which represent the president and the Palestinian Authority in Rafah worked since the first moment on aiding the affected people despite the obstacles, the difficulties, and the harassments it faced. After that, he said that the governorate intervened to aid the displaced and affected people due to the war, and succeeded in reaching to who are really in need to the aid. For the reconstruction, Mr. Nasser warned the about the repercussions, the risks of delaying the reconstruction and preventing the building materials from entering the Gaza Strip, and said “incase Israel agreed on 60 vans with building materials every day, this means that we need to 6 years to accomplish the reconstruction the Gaza Strip, to be as before the war”.

The Importance Social Justice

Mr. Abu Shamalah called for working on restore confidence of people on the law, especially because of the Palestinian division before the war, which led the people to lack for the confidence in whole the legal system that affected justice sector negatively. Then he said that there are several problems appeared in The Gaza Strip after the war, especially disputes on lands’ ownerships, inheritance, compensation, separation of forced marriages, and bargaining widows on their rights by the family of the husband. After that, he called for the importance to pay more attention to security and justice files, and stressed on the concept of the independence of the judiciary system, and stressed on that reaching justice is a part of the reconstruction, there is no reconstruction without law or justice.

At the end of the workshop, the door of the discussion opened for the attendance to discuss the risks and the repercussions of the war on the Gaza Strip. Within these raised entries by the attendance, they stressed on the importance of every agency to work in its major in order to reach the social justice in the Palestinian society, and it is a must to work on achieving the basics of the good government, promoting rule of law, restore the confidence in the official agencies, and specially agencies of justice, and stressed on that rule of law and the activation and the independence of judiciary agency is a priority for the Palestinian people.