National Society for Democracy and Law celebrate on Monday 20th June 2011 the opening of  legal aid clinic No. (9) in the frame of legal Aid and Empowerment for vulnerable groups project that supported by UNDP and funded by Japan government .The ceremony took place at NSDL location in the presence of Mr. Ahmad Srour executive director of the organization , Mrs. Reem Wshah, program Assistant, and the legal aid team, and other members of NGOs directors , village leaders and university professors as well as partner institutions members.

The ceremony involves many welcome words El-Faqawi, the project coordinator,  started it with talking about the idea of the project with main focus on the three levels of interventions : providing legal consultations ,intervention and mediation and finally legal representation in the court .

On the other part Mr. Ahmad Srour thanked all crews of the legal Aid Project and confirmed that the project is unique and distinctive in its type since opening a legal clinic is different of what we used to . In addition , he noted that the project reflect a soul of networking and integration between civil society organizations the partners of the project from the far south to the far north .

Mrs. Reem Wshah, in her role , presented her sincere thanks to Mr. Ibrahim Abu Shamala  who did his best efforts to support our Palestinian  nation  . She referred to the recent and importance of the action . Finally , she referred that legal aid project has established its basics in clear and strong way .On the other hand , Mrs. Wshah confirmed that the high rate of unemployment and poverty negatively affected the daily life of Palestinian people that lead to the increasing of legal issues . This has given a strong impetus to the presence of legal aid project to support and empower  vulnerable groups who are in need to legal support and did not able to access the lawyers offices because of their bad economical circumstances

At the end of the ceremony , the audience confirmed the urgency for cooperation and networking between partners and civil society organizations as well as the local community to ensure the success of achieving the targeted objectives of the project .