Legal aid staff within National Society for Democracy and Law celebrate the final day of mayors training program that hold on Saturday 19th Sep2011for three days respectively, through distribution of certificates to honor the participants. This is under the supervision of Mr. Ibrahim Muammar chairman, Ahmad Srour, executive manager, the team work of legal aid project and number of attendees.

Training targeted   number of mayors and tribal leaders in Rafah governorate. Training administered by Dr.Ramy. Wshah, Mr.Ghasan El-Gishawi  Dr.Motaz El-Agha and Mr.Ahmad El-Moghrabi respectively. Training themes focused on  legal topics including general introduction in arbitration law, judicial organization in Palestine, the general provision in environment and execution laws and excerpts of personal status law.

The goal of training is to dye the mayors and tribal leaders work with legal dye to help them in exercising their work in conflict resolution under the umbrella of law . This is to reinforce rule of law and access to justice.