Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 2014

The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) organized a workshop in the cooperation with Bunian Association a workshop entitled “Future of Youth in the Light of the National Reconciliation” in the office of the society.

The deputy of Legislative Council, Mr. Ashraf Joma’a, chairman of NSDL, PhD. Ibrahim Muammar, and chairman of Bunian Association, PhD. Said Al-Ghoul participated in the workshop.

PhD. Muammar opened the workshop welcoming the guests and the attendance, then he talked about the reality of the situation of youth that may affect their future within the bad conditions the Palestinian society face and the great pressures that includes the bad economic situation, the imposed siege on the Gaza Strip that deprived the Gazan youth from their least basic rights, especially the right to housing, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to freedom to expression and all rights cited by all charters and human rights conventions, after that he praised the important role of youth in stages of the Palestinian struggle.

PhD. Muammar also talked briefly about presses on layer of youth represented in confiscation of freedoms and inhibition of expressing right to express their opinions. At the end of his speech, he considered the existence of a modern law for youth complies with international standards of human rights is the sole way to secure a better future for youth, especially since law is protective umbrella for all groups of people.

Then Mr. Joma’a talked about an important subject that may benefit them, which is the Reconstruction of Gaza. He suggested on participant youth in the workshop to demand their right from the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to participate in the reconstruction of Gaza by issuing an official decree stresses on the right of youth to participate in the reconstruction of Gaza for the sake of employing youth and providing work opportunities within the difficult situation the Gaza Strip face, stressing on standing with youth and grab their legitimate rights.

After that, PhD. Al-Ghoul welcomed the cooperation with NSDL for the sake of supporting youth, improving their future, aware them about laws consider in rights of youth and working on applying them in reality in order to generate a generation with promising future in all life aspects.

At the end of the workshop, the youth expressed their interest and eager to participate in the Reconstruction of Gaza Project, asked Mr. Joma’a several questions, opened several debates, proposed several options for the sake of grabbing their rights and empowering their role in the Palestinian society, and called for a national campaign advocates rights of youth.