With support and supervision of UNDP and funding by Japan government, the network providers organize a training course for mayors and village leaders of Rafah and Khan Younis governorates, this is under the supervision and mutual cooperation between National Society for Democracy and Law and Culture and Free Thought Association, both of them as partners in network of legal aid providers contribute to the presidency of training hold in Culture and Free Thought headquarter .This is in the frame of legal aid and empowerment for vulnerable groups in Gaza. The training program targeted 21 individuals of mayors and village leaders during the period from 9th Oct,2011 to 11th Oct,2011. The training course aimed to develop the mayors capacities in different legal fields to enable them in practicing their activities  in arbitration and conflict resolution fields, this is under the umbrella of the law

The training program lasted for three days during the period from 9th Oct,2011 to 11th Oct,2011. The training agenda involved various legal topics including general introduction in arbitration law, judicial organization in Palestine, the general provision in environment and execution laws and excerpts of personal status law. At the final day of training program , all the participants were provided with certificates for the training course.