Thursday, Oct. 16th, 2014

NSDL ended “Enhancing and Developing Skills of Youth Advocates in Legal Profession Framework” course, which continued two days at the office of the society, which comes within “Emergency Legal Assistance to the Affected People in Rafah Due to the 2014 War on Gaza Project” in Rafah, supported by UNDP/PAPP.

15 youth advocates and lawyers -practitioners and under training – attended and participated in this course in order to select the best and the more efficient 10 in order to provide legal aids and consolations to the venerable and the affected groups due to Gaza war 2014 through the Legal Aid clinic.

The course included several meetings about important legal subjects help the advocates by empowering and preparing them to provide whatever legal aids through the Legal Aid Clinic, which provide legal consultations, legal and judicial representation in front of courts, refer disciplinary cases to Palestinian Bar Association (PBA) and the specialized authorities, work on solving social problems, and supporting the societal reconciliation, in addition to organize several legal awareness raising workshops as a type of the legal aid to the vulnerable and the affected groups due to Gaza war 2014.

In the first day, Mr. Ghassan Al-Qeshawi –a member of Awn Network- gave a lecture about “Bridging the Gap with the Tribal Judiciary for the sake of promoting rule of law and enhancing the societal reconciliation”, and Mr. Mahmoud Wafi –a member of Awn Network- gave a lecture about “The Legal Consultation and How to Provide it”. The first day was full of participations and debates between the lecturers and the trainees who expressed their willingness to do their legal duty and provide legal aids to the vulnerable and the affected groups due to Gaza war 2014.

In the second day, Mr. Belal Al-Najjar gave a lecture about “Lands, their Kinds and the Right to Ownership”; the meeting revealed the optimism of the trainees who participated interestedly, and Mrs. Suad Al-Mashni –the advocate of the project- gave a lecture about “Personal Status Law” include divorce and departure with judgment by a judge, custodianship, dower and alimony in addition to inheritance and the bases of the legitimacy trials with her experience in advocacy that qualify them to work within the project.

The course aimed to qualify the trainees in how to deal with and provide legal aid to the venerable groups through both mobile and immobile Legal Aid Clinic in order to achieve the goals of the society, which seek for promoting rule of law and aware the vulnerable and the deprived groups in Refah about their rights and duties in order to agree with the principle of rule of law.

At the end of the course, the society thanked the trainers, the trainees and the participants, and stressed on the importance of obligation to the ethics of advocacy job and access to justice, and the trainees expressed their admire for the training program and their interest to participate in other developmental purposeful programs.