Monday, 2/6/2014

The Swedish consul for the developmental cooperation – Mr. Frederick Westrholm, the vice president of Promoting Rule of Law and Access to Justice Program by UNDP/ PAPP – Mr. Ibrahim Abushamala, and the analyzer of the program – Eng. Dawoud Almasry visited the office of NSDL in the morning of Monday, 2/6/2014. Chairman of NSDL, some members of board of directors and the staff of the society welcomed the delegation.

During welcoming the delegation, Muammar gave a speech about the society confirming that the society works for 11 years to spread the culture of human rights, stressing on the importance of the partnership with UNDP/ PAPP to promote rule of law and access to justice and legal aid clinic no. 9 in Rafah established 3 years ago and achieved several goals to promte rule of law and access to justice.

Muammar also explained that the idea of the legal aid clinic came as a meet to the needs of the vulnrable groups for the legal empowerment, the primary rights and the social protection.

On the other hand, Westrholm expressed about his pleasure of visiting the society in Rafah and meeting several partner associations with UNDP/ PAPP, considering the visit aims to select work priorities next package.

Mr. Abushamala also stressed on the impotance of the partnership with NSDL thanking efforts the legal aid clinic spends to provide legal aids to the vulnrable and poor groups in Rafah.

Almasry talked about the importance of exploiting chances of achieving the Palestinian reconciliation to enhance rule of law and access to justice in the Palestinian society and the importance of the fraternity between the formal judiciary and the tribal judiciary.

The delegation of UNDP/ PAPP and the Swedish consul also hold a meeting in the office with lawyers of Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA): Mahmoud Wafi and Lina Alagha, chairman of South Women Media Forum – Ms. Laila Almudallal, Women Activity Center (WAC) represented by Ms. Samah Ghayad, and board of directors members: Mr. Mohammed Aljamal and Mr. Mohammed Sabah.

The meeting focused on working methods of Promoting Rule of Law Program next years by enhancing the social reconciliation, promoting rule of law in the Palestinian society, working on unifying the Palestinian laws and guarantee its consistency with the international covenants of human rights, the role of reconciliatory and tribal figures in promoting rule of law, and selecting the priorities of the international support in Gaza Strip.

Aljamal talked about press freedom granted to the Palestinian journalists after signing the Palestinian reconciliation agreement, expressing the significant progress in that side by allowing the Palestinian journals to be published and distributed in the two parts of the homeland.

Alsabah talked about the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions in Rafah, which is considered as a and poor area, and talked about the importance of condensing the programs support the economic and social rights.

Almudallal talked about children exploitation in the illegal business, press freedom and the right of expression.

Wafi talked about the importance of social reconciliation and the role of the reconciliatory and tribal figures, and Ghayad talked abmarginalized out the importance of promoting rule of law and working on unifying the laws and guarantee its consistency with the international covenants of human rights.

During the visit to the office on the society, the Swedish consul and the delegation of UNDP/ PAPP visited the legal aid clinic and listened to the brief explanation by the lawyer: Suad Almanshy and methods of providing legal aids in Rafah.

In the end of the meeting, Muammar thanked the Swedish consul and the delegation of UNDP/ PAPP for the visit glorifying the important role played by the program for promoting rule of law in Gaza Strip represented by Mr. Abushamla, and glorified the generous support presented by Swedish government and society and promoting rule of law in the Palestinian territories.