Monday : 18 / 7 / 2013

The team work of the legal clinic no.(9) confirmed the urgent need to intensify the joint efforts wit hall professional associations and unions in Rafah in order to activate an effective social mobility to create an effective referral system for vulnerable groups who urgently need to strengthen their legal rights and promote their access to basic social services as an entry point for the  Economic and Social empowerment.

This came through a specialized professional workshop organized by National Society for Democracy and Law NSDL , on the mid of July 2013, in coordination and cooperation with the ” Rafah municipality”, in the presence of (27) persons of Rafah municipality engineers. This workshop comes within the framework of the project “Empowering Vulnerable Groups Legally and Enhancing Access to Social Basic Services (EQUALITY)”, supported and funded by United Nations Development Program UNDP/ PAPP.

The Legal advisor of the society – administered the workshop and provided a brief introduction of the project and its main axes:provide legal aid services with its three levels, support the rights of citizens to access to basic social services as a legal binding right and work to develop the capacity and competencies of the staff and partners to support the community mediation.

She stressed on the topic of the citizens’` right to access to social basic services and pointed out that we are as a team really strive to create a dialogue and social mobility in this regard by organizing consultative workshops with decision makers,social activists and service providers to listen to their views and try to find solutions to some outstanding problems among the citizens to support their access to the social basic services.

The workshop`s theme confirmed on the importance of the professional unions` role towards the community and the citizens. Therefore, the work team stressed on the need for joint cooperation in order to activate an active referral system for vulnerable groups who are in need for legal aid services due to the important role of professional associations and unions to wards  serving individuals and the local community to support the rule of law and access to justice for all.

In addition, they noted to the personal status law and the implications of related issues as alimony, divorce, child custody …, which require legal support for vulnerable groups who cannot assign lawyers to those issues because of the high costs of law, thereby preventing the arrival of social justice. This requires the urgent need for intensified efforts to create an effective referral system for vulnerable groups.

The participants expressed their satisfaction towards the importance of the project`s services and the extent need of the society and such legal services, also they have expressed their willingness for condensation the mutual efforts and work together to support an effective referral system for vulnerable groups to achieve comprehensive social justice.