Monday : 9/12/2013

A Diplomatic Norwegian delegation consists of Mr. Hans Jacob Frydenlund, the Norwegian representative in  Palestine, Ms. Marta Halem, the counselor of development and human rights, and Mr. Mohammed Almughayar, the counselor of the embassy for Gaza Strip affairs visited The National Society for Democracy and Law in Rafah. The Chairman of the society, Mr. Ibrahim Muammar, the vice president of the of the society, Dr. Ayman Shaheen, the secritary of the society, Mr. Wael Alemawy, and the staff of the society warmly welcomed the delegation.

Mr. Muammar warmly welcomed the Norwegian delegation, and thanked the Norwegian representative and the rest of the delegation for this important visit expressing his thanks and regards to the Norwegian government for the supporting Palestinians’ rights. After that, Mr. Muammar took about the foundation and development and the society through tens of years.

The meeting focused on human rights in Gaza Strip, especially on Rafah and the deterioration of the economy as a result of the continuous siege that imposed on Gaza Strip and shutting the tunnels in the border area with Egypt. Dr. Shaheen added that shutting the tunnels stopped the work of tens of thousands of workers and impaired the economy that caused the increase of social and psychological stresses in Rafah.

The representative and the rest of the delegation listened with interest to what Mr. Muammar and the rest of the staff of the society about the efforts that the society spends for the sake of spreading the culture of Human Rights, promoting the rule of law, supporting the affected workers by the Israeli siege, in addition to the legal aid that the society provide to several social groups, especially the violated women through Legal Aids Clinic that established before three years with the support of UNDP.

Mr. Frydenlundsaid that the government of Norway spends great efforts to aid Palestinian people, improve the economy of Gaza Strip, break the siege, and entering goods and construction materials into Gaza Strip. He also was very interested in the efforts which the society spends in the sake of spreading culture of human rights, promoting the rights of women and workers.

Ms. Martha Halem, the counselor of development and human rights expressed about her appreciation to the role that the society play in providing the legal aid for women and promoting workers rights in Rafah.