With the Participation of (49 ) Palestinian Refugee Women

National Society for Democracy and Law organized two legal awareness workshops on 7th and 14th of May 2013, entitled ” Personal Status Law in the Implication of Marriage and Divorce”. This is in the framework of the legal awareness campaign that come under the activities of the project of “Empowering Vulnerable Groups Legally to Access the Basic Social Services” (EQUALITY), funded and supported by UNDP/PAPP. This project came as a complementary for the previous legal aid projects that have launched at the beginning of April2011 and as a result of it, a series of the legal clinics were established along Gaza Strip that contribute to support vulnerable groups legally.

The workshops conducted with cooperation and collaboration with “Al-Ehssan Charity Association” in Rafah province, the workshops was in the presence of (49 ) ladies of Palestinian women refugees.

Imad Faqawi – the lawyer of the legal clinic – began the workshop with a welcome word to the participants, pointing out that this project comes within the third phase of the legal aid projects, and gave outlines of the main axes of the project: provide legal aid services with its three levels, support the rights of citizens to access to basic social services as a legal binding right and work to develop the capacity and competencies of the staff and partners to support the community mediation.

The workshops` themes focused on the concept of personal status law that set up to organize the individual’s life with his family since his birth alive until his death, and the other consequences related to this law such as marriage and its consequent effects accelerator and deferred dowry.

On the other hand, workshop focused on the concept of divorce and its types represented in the divorce reactionary rule and irrevocable divorce: divorced and junior divorce, as well as briefly explained the concept of asking for khulaa, and gave a detailed explanation on the effects of divorce including mandatory waiting period before divorce and its types: mandatory waiting period of divorce , death and the pregnant woman, and stopped at the point of Pony deferred in the case of death and divorce.

Fiqaawi stressed that we always, before starting any legal procedures, we adhere with the prevailing saying “Conciliation is the master of judgment” in order to maintain the consistency and coherence of the Palestinian family.

Also the team work of the legal clinic confirmed that we as a legal work team of the legal clinic will try to highlight on the ways and mechanisms of the citizens’ access to basic social services in the coming phase of the project, hence some regions lacks especially the remote ones to the existence of sufficient numbers of schools, health centers and basic social services, etc…. We will tackle these issues through evaluating the need for citizens and holding workshops with professionals and officials of development of basic services, as well as holding field visits with decision-makers and service providers to find solutions and ways of cooperation to enable citizens, especially vulnerable groups to get them to basic social services.

At the end of the workshop, the participants expressed their satisfaction with the topic of the workshops and the importance of the role played by the legal clinic no. (9) to support the citizens legally and enhance their access to basic social services. This is for the sake of achieving the rule of law and access to justice.

Workshop`s Photos: