With the Presence of More Than ( 200) Persons….

National Society for Democracy and Law and Free Thought and Culture Society concluded the project of ” The Right to development and Human Dignity” , which carried over the whole year, support and funded by the United Nations Development Program UNDP / PAPP, in Al-Aqsa University Conference western of Khan Yunis province, in the presence of a legion of academics ,lawyers, heads of NGOs and community activists and university students. The ceremony opened by a soccer match on the sports stadium of AlAqsa University.

Dr.Asaad Majdalawi – Dean of the Physical Education Faculty at the University- expressed his deep pleasure and pride for the selection of the university for holding this ceremony, adding that the doors of the university will be opened to all institutions of civil society that can empower and develop human especially in the field of legal aid which lacks significantly in the Palestinian society.

He noted to the importance of such projects as they work to empower individuals legally and help them get their legal deprived rights due to the marital conditions and poverty state that roam over the southern region, wishing success to those in charge with these projects towards more progress.

For his part, Mr.Ibrahim Muammar President of National Society for Democracy and Law– said that the project of the right to development and human dignity revealed to us the mass need of the Palestinian society for legal aid services, and the extent need for our people‘s thirst for legal knowledge values ​​of justice, law and equality. The legal empowerment is not easy or simple but this need more time, efforts and determination to serve those deprived and vulnerable groups.

He explained that the project has contributed significantly in the provision of legal aid services for vulnerable groups and strengthened the spirit of communication with the local community, especially institutions of civil society and partners involved in the project.

In addition, he demanded the urgent need to continue supporting such projects through supervision and support of the rule of law and access to justice program, and by intensifying activities and events which promote the principles of the rule of law and access to justice in the Palestinian society to be more consistent with justice and human rights system

Mr. Hossam Shehadeh Program Manager within Culture and Free Thought Association asserted the need to apply human dignity in all matters of life and not just in the judicial or legal representation or even through legal awareness. However, it should be the people’s right to live according to a suit economical and political situations and a real affiliation to achieve justice and humanity .

In turn, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Shamalah- deputy program manager of the the rule of law and access to justice program of UNDP – said that the project has achieved great success in the field of social justice by the success stories that have proved the importance of legal clinics` role in the application the system of justice and law.

Stressing that the project could access the most deprived and vulnerable groups to apply justice and guarantee access to development. This ensure the economic independence to apply the principles of human dignity. The next stage should be toward developing education in order to work for the development of society to achieve the economical empowerment that ensure human dignity

The celebration included distribution of c thanks and gratitude certificates to the work staff in both societies, volunteers within the project.