An Irish delegation included seven individuals of human rights activists and peace activists visited the National Society for Democracy and Law`s headquarter in Rafah governorate, they met with Mr. Ibrahim Moammar- the President of the Board of Directors- a number of the Board`s and the legal clinic`s staff and volunteers of community activists within the society.

The visit aimed to view the nature of National Society for Democracy and Law`s action in the southern of Gaza Strip and to promote cooperation between the Assembly and the human rights organizations and the solidarity movements in Ireland.

The Irish delegation members always aim to support the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip in the light of the continuous siege and the Israeli violations of human rights.

For his part, Ibrahim Muammar confirmed on his speech on the importance of the role played by the Irish Government and people in supporting the Palestinian people`s struggle to retrieve their legitimate rights.

Muammar reviewed them on the society`s achievements and programs asserting on that the society strive to promote the culture of human rights, tolerance and detect violations of human rights through the adoption of various awareness programs targeting several groups in the community.

In addition, he stressed on the importance of networking and the establishment of cooperative relations with the international human rights organizations to exchange and develop experiences and enhance the mutual cooperation mechanisms. In addition, he stressed on that his association aims to develop programs widely to include all groups and segments of the Palestinian society particularly in the southern of Gaza Strip.

In his turn, Ahmed Srour, the executive director of the Association, appealed the Irish delegation to intensify their efforts and solidarity with the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails, especially the captive Samer Isawi who has launched his hunger strike for nearly 270 days to gain his freedom. This demonstrates the extent of human rights` violation practiced against Palestinians and the continuous confiscation of their basic freedoms.

The Irish delegation members expressed their happiness to visit Gaza Strip asserted on their full solidarity with the besieged residents in Gaza especially, especially the victims of the recent Israeli aggression. At the same time, they expressed their deep faith in the Palestinian people`s right in their struggling for the restoration of their rights and self-determination.
Also, they confirmed on that they will strive and work hard to transfer the Palestinian people`s concerns when they return back to their homeland to expand the solidarity circle with the Palestinians.

The delegation initiated an inspection tour in Rafah province to view the Palestinians` situations. Their tour included a visit to the Rafah crossing, borders and the eastern areas of Rafah.

They also, visited areas affected by the Israeli aggression and met with the members of the affected families in the north of Rafah whose home was bombed during the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. This caused wounding of his wife with serious injuries and fractures still dogging until now. In addition, the house was completely destroyed.

They listened to real testimonies of the family`s head who tell them the tragic situation of pumping his civilian home in the darkness and the continuing search for his elderly wife under the rubble for a full hour, until it was taken out of the ruins of the house in a very critical condition.

Muammar said to the delegation`s members that the crime against this family is one of the tens or even the hundreds crimes committed and perpetrated by the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories in general and in Gaza Strip in particular which constitute flagrant violations which not agree with the international laws and treaties concerned of the protection of civilians at war`s times. Once, This push the Assembly to pursuit its ongoing and serious work to call for bringing of the Israeli war`s criminals for the international justice in order to held accountability for what they have done of crimes against humanity.

It is worth mentioning that the President of the National Assembly has special relations with number of the Irish institutions when he had met them during his last visit to the Republic of Ireland last summer which lasted for three consecutive months where he met many of the activists and officials of human rights organizations and solidarity movements members.