In light of the implementation of DAFE campaign of the ongoing legal awareness workshops, National Society for Democracy and Law organized a series of workshops legal awareness this month around “the rights of women in the personal status law”  that comes within the framework of the project “Promoting the concept of the right to development and enhancing vulnerable groups’ access to basic services(DAFE), supported and funded by the United Nations Development Program UNDP / PAPP, in the presence of (131) of rural Ladies from vulnerable groups in kherba Al-Adas, the remote and marginalized area in Rafah province.

Emad El-Fiqawi , the legal adviser of the clinic no.(9), started the workshop with a welcome word to the participants and gave a brief introductory about the project of ” Promoting the Right  to development and its main axes represented in: providing legal aid in three levels, framing the concept of the right to development as a legal binding and enhance national reconciliation.

The workshops` topics focused on personal status law within the Palestinian context, that concerned the rights of women including marriage and the consequent rights on it, dowry , alimony, divorce and the consequences rights of women in it, child custody and her right in watch, marital causes its effects and conditions : expense of marriage, deferred and accelerated dowry, issues of divorce and its effects and types: reactionary divorce , child custody and wife`s  right in her jewelry.

Legal advices were provided on the individual and collective levels at the end of the workshops, women also expressed their satisfaction on the legal issues that have been raised and the urgent need of vulnerable groups to raise awareness of the legal and the services provided by legal project in general.

At the end of the workshop , the team work confirmed that the staff of the project of the right to development within legal clinic no.(9) will work hard to contribute on promoting the concept the right to development and enhancing vulnerable groups` access to basic services through continued activation of legal aid system and work of legal approach as an entry point for the  Economic and Social empowerment.