Organized by the NSDL, on Thursday 19/1/2006 m closing ceremony of the project “to promote the concept of democracy among young people” with the support of the Palestinian Authority for Culture, Science and Development (called) the financing of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, attended by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Muammar, “President of the NSDL “The Abu Samah Mzi” appealed to the Project Manager, “Brigadier General Tawfiq Jabr,” the Director-General of Criminal Investigations in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, “and Dr. Ali Moussa,” the Director of Abu Yousef Al Najjar hospital, “Dr. Abdul Hamid Dher” Director of the Department of Health and the environment in the municipality of Rafah, “The celebration was attended by the collection of citizens and the heads and members of institutions and NGOs.

At the beginning of the meeting was to read the verses of the Koran verses from the Quran and the Palestinian National Peace then spoke Professor / Ibrahim Moammar President of the General “as he welcomed attendees and thanked the fraternity for their support and appealed for their sustained and distinguished contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the Assembly, particularly in the financing of the project to strengthen the concept of democracy I have young people through the Spanish Agency.

Especially since this project was in the difficult conditions of the Palestinian society in the absence of democratic and legal awareness and the spread of the phenomenon and the increasing chaos of arms and lawlessness, which now threatens the safety and security of the Palestinian society at large and we all heard it ended up yesterday in Rafah, the increase of the phenomenon of armed chaos, which fell a martyr during the election rally, which demonstrates the seriousness of this phenomenon, so it was a national duty and a moral to the family of the Assembly to initiate the idea of putting up this project, which won the turnout and the blessed among Palestinian youth in the province of Rafah.

The project addresses the particular issues of youth and seeks to raise awareness of democratic and legal in their being the builders of the future.

These days, we are approaching the date for legislative elections is much talk about democracy as if democracy is limited to the holding of the elections despite the fact that only the largest democracy, it is beginning to include community, family, first and extending to the street and dealing with people and then deal with community institutions, democracy in this sense means not only elections, elections merely a preliminary stage of the exercise of democracy in actual practice in matters of conduct of the affairs of the nation and society and the establishment of good governance.
The building of a democratic Palestinian society in which justice and equality is in the interests of the homeland and the citizen, therefore all in the promotion of democracy and all the dignitaries and national figures and institutions of civil society to play its part in this and refused to renounce armed manifestations and increased firing in the air these features no longer reflect only on the state of anarchy and chaos and reflect a negative image to the Palestinian reality.

We are now on the threshold of a new phase started in the wedding we have seen a democratic presidential and municipal elections and during the days in the legislative elections in which we want to elect the constitution, and elect and elect a Democratic law and can elect to build a democratic Palestinian society in which justice and equality, and we call on citizens to participate extensively in the legislative elections to exercise their right and the success of the democratic process in Palestine, and the dimension of the violence and chaos in the elections.

I repeat once again my thanks and appreciation to the brothers in the Palestinian culture, science and development and also appealed to extend my thanks and appreciation to the brothers and the heads of the members of the civil institutions can not fail to mention my brothers and sisters in the family of the Assembly and their distinctive role in the success of the march of the Assembly.

The Ahmed Abu Assaker “project manager introduced the (LCD) for the phases of the project activities and objectives, results and a range of activities of the project and stressed that the objectives of the project, the rehabilitation of the cadres of youth to address the challenges of the future and defend the rights of young people and participation of actors in the various fields of social, political, and facilitate communication and interaction between young leaders and deepen the linkage and association with them and promoting self-confidence and abilities to communicate with the owners of the resolution and to encourage young people to raise their voices heard and to defend themselves and their rights and issues through democratic means. The Assaker Abu Ahmed said the project consists of three phases, the first phase the target group selection and processing of supplies, and the second phase implementation of a training course of the trainees, and the third stage, which held several meetings and workshops and the closing ceremony and distribution of certificates to the trainees.

The Ms. Abo lmzi t allow the mobile project by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation is to support the institutions of civil society and enhance their ability to withstand and rehabilitation of administrative and praised the Assembly’s role in the implementation of the project to the fullest extent and added that the Foundation will always be called upon to stand by the institutions and will make every effort to support the institutions of society civil society.

The ceremony included a speech by the brother and sister, Mohamed Gharib congratulations Mansour, where each spoke about his experience with the Assembly and the impact of the project to strengthen the Democratic ideas.

In a speech Tawfiq Jabr, “the Director General of Investigation brother Tawfiq Jabr praised the role of the General in the dissemination of democratic and legal awareness, stressing the need to continue this excellent work, which aims at building a democratic Palestinian society in which justice and legal equality, adding that the forthcoming elections should be the cornerstone of the building democratic Palestinian state to come, stressing that the imposition of the rule of law and resorting to reason in the resolution of conflicts and give priority to public interest on the self-interest.

He paid tribute to Dr. Ali Moussa, director of the hospital of Abu Yousef Al Najjar, the efforts of the Assembly’s role in the dissemination of the cultural and democratic awareness among the people, stressing the need to put an end to the chaos of the loose security and disarmament and to educate citizens the right principles of democracy and strengthen the rule of law.

And dropped the girl, Mona Abu Assaker poem entitled to the leaders of the world where democracy hear you talking about search and look for them, the rubble of houses destroyed and the suffering and the suffering of Palestinian children.

At the end of the ceremony was the distribution of certificates to the trainees brothers were honored institutions of civil participation in the project are as follows:

– Palestinian parliament small.

– Friends of the student.

– Naseer Assembly of charities.

– General Union of Palestinian Women.

– Union of Women Committees for Social Work.

– The General People’s Committee for the owners of demolished homes.

– School of the martyr Abu Iyad for regulatory staff.

– National Rally for the families of the martyrs of Palestine.

– National Assembly for the development of summer camps.

– General Lebos charity.

– The Happy House.

– Assembly of university graduates.

– The Central Election Commission.

– The development of rural women.

– Association of university graduates.

– The ceremony ended with the Palestinian peace.