Ladies and Gentlemen brothers and each title named to welcome you all at this open meeting, and thank you to respond to our call, which indicates that it shows the interest of community values and guideline principles and democracy, especially freedom of opinion and expression is one of the ingredients Only democratic systems is to diminish the right of democratic governance is the right fundamental human rights as stipulated in the International Treaty on Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights and the American Convention on Human rights, values and moral principles, customs and traditions in our society and the Palestinians, which attach to those values of our community’s attention more than the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This right is contained in the ethics and honesty in addition to the constitutions and laws in the countries of the free world and the countries that recently had gone to democracy.

Has become a right to express their opinion freely and without fear or constraints in constant legacy systems of democracy and the exercise is normally one of the essential elements of social life, political and cultural rights of the individual and society. From the first education and upbringing in the family and in schools and kindergartens to take root principles of freedom of expression. and must make it clear that the right to express an opinion on the freedom of a full free of any restrictions or pressure, is a fundamental right of human rights does not only override the right to life. A right in itself, regardless of whether the opinion being expressed is right or wrong, acceptable or frowned upon by the majority or minority, or from the opposition or the government. Which is devoid of considerations of the circumstances surrounding it, such as considerations of time and space. May not restrict the right to express their opinion in no way, however, beyond the expression of the threat of life of the individual or other individuals.

Thus, violence and incitement to murder was not a freedom of expression that may lead to the taking of an innocent, that could lead to the loss of the right to life of individuals the right to override the right of expression. Therefore, it was our duty in the NSDL and Development Studies Program at Birzeit University have taken the initiative in organizing this meeting to make clear to the Palestinian people of our society the very concept of freedom of opinion and expression and that he may not use this right to abuse and defame others and the spread of incitement to violence and murder in this society, which allow God that took place, the occurrence would be a crime against the struggles of this generous people, when we defend the freedom of speech, freedom to defend the right of society to know the right of individuals to communicate.

The demand for freedom of the press, for example, does not mean in any way claim to freedom of expression for journalists, but mean in the first place the claim to freedom of expression to the public in the public right to know without concealment or distortion, mutilation or misleading. Some are trying to take advantage of the free expression of opinion in favor of some groups in society, whether in power or opposition, should be here noted that the exploitation of the free expression of opinion in favor of any side must face the people to reject the claim that remains always to preserve the principle of freedom of expression away from the exploitation, incitement and distortion of the value of the basic democratic values and principles Professor / Ghassan Abu Hatab Director of the Program of Development Studies He was happy to discuss those topics and urgent at this time as the theme of freedom and democracy places special attention in all international forums where he can not be put right without the development of freedom and democracy, and vice versa.

As a maker of human development must benefit from such development in all its forms and as a result of the development of freedom of opinion and expression must address all the issues of community and to address all shortcomings. He also stressed the need to pay attention to institutions of higher education and the integration of the freedoms of opinion and expression, through its curriculum and attract the media and the energy directed towards the problems and concerns of civil society.

As our society is suffering at this time of difficult problems must work to attract the eyes of officials, and give serious thought as to address these problems, including security problems and attacks on public institutions and public property and to work together and a governing authority in order to eliminate these problems and work on the development of society.

In the end, thanks to the NSDL for their interest in such issues and highlight them. Journalist / Hassan Douhan stressed that freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed to all citizens of the media and journalists in all international charters and norms must also be guaranteed and enshrined in the constitutions and all the internal Laws of each State should not be suppressed this freedom to ensure their national security and the fight against terrorism Nor deny to fight the Israeli occupation and repression of the media and the control of the Israeli media on the media in most countries of the world, especially America and Europe and its misleading the world public opinion. He also expressed regret for the role of poor relation of the Union of Journalists of the poor and the marginal role at the media is subjected to the threat and blackmail of some of the personalities and organizations and families. He also stressed the need to amend the Copyright Act and publications issued in 1995, which is totally devoid of any provisions to ensure the protection of journalists and ensure freedom of opinion and expression and the initiative to immediately change or modify the professor stressed the need for a clear vision and a mature awareness and instill the concepts of freedom of opinion and expression through the public and private institutions as Indeed, the topography imposed on journalists in the diving community problems and concerns and ask him to draw attention to the paper and work on community development. It also must be approved Laws of the Legislative Council for the advancement of higher education institutions based on the imagination, and in the end, thank to the NSDL for highlighting such issues and the need to hold more such workshops and meetings. Engineer / Ashraf Gomaa Member of the Legislative Council and member of the Committee on Oversight and Human Rights: Since the establishment of the United Nations and the adoption of several international declarations of human rights came to human dignity and not to abuse the freedom, the freedom is very important because it reflects the culture of society are like water and food without freedom there can be no development where that freedom has a huge effect on communities in the advancement and promotion of all spheres of life including political, social and cultural. Since it was the formation of the Oversight Committee and the Human Rights Act when reviewing and publishing and publications, not that there was no guarantee of freedom of opinion and expression and the lack of any media texts do justice and protect their rights and have asked the Legislative Council to address this shortcoming and to amend it. We are in the Legislative Council, we continue to keep in mind that the law of the year 1995, and in particular Article (9), and a law to make it an integrated and consistent with the performance of the noble profession and journalists also condemned the recent attacks on Palestinian journalists and media staff who have received several threats from some organizations that belong to the government and some families. It also stressed the need to draw the pens of journalists and cameras around the concerns of society and the tragic situation, which worsened in the months since the siege under which the Palestinian people suffer, and which became evident impact on all walks of life and I commend Mr. Ashraf Gomaa and its role in the work of civil and multi-e all activities to be carried out. Recommendations:

1 – The need to guide the pens of journalists about the problems of society and address the concerns and issues of social and economic development.

2 – work on amending the Law on Copyright and Publication of 1995 to ensure and expression and to do justice to the rights of journalists and the development of materials in the law for their protection and the adoption of necessary legislation to do so.

3 – the need to promote the institutions of higher education and the adoption of legislation to the development of these institutions, based on creativity and freedom of opinion and expression.

4 – Creating a clear vision and a mature awareness and instill the concepts of democracy and freedom of opinion and expression in all official institutions and civil.

5 – The launch of a unified plan of action and integrated between the journalists and the Authority for the Protection of Journalists and the fight against corruption and abuse of public lands and private and the fight against lawlessness and work for the welfare of the citizens.

6 – the level of advancement of the Press Syndicate of journalists and media and its role in charge of the protection of journalists and media people from persecution, threats and extortion

7 – to guide and audio-visual media and print within the community and to highlight the concerns and problems of the community and discuss all neutral trading block away and organizational interests  .