Organized by the NSDL for an open meeting on the impact of the continued Israeli attacks on Rafah on Thursday evening in the Club Hall 23-8-2006 services Rafah the presence of a crowd of citizens and institutions and the victims of the region fork, in the presence of each of the A / President of the General Ibrahim Moamer C / Ashraf Gomaa, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. C / Zo’rob Said, deputy governor of Rafah. A / Mansour Breik, the mayor of a fork. November Mahmoud Youssef, legal adviser to the municipality of Rafah D / Ali Moussa, director of Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital. A / Director General Ahmad Abuasakr

Mr. Ibrahim said the President of the General Muammar ongoing attacks on Rafah led to continued suffering in the region fork the stricken Matnih all sense of the word, which led to the blackout in the entire province, and severe water shortages and health effects, and psychological and social and economic outcomes of aggression Israeli aggression against the region fork He said the Israeli attacks as a continuing journey of suffering and pain and open wounds …….. That a complete collapse of the Palestinian community, the whole …… Economic blockade and military siege and the closure of crossings and the bulldozing of agricultural land and demolition of houses and the killing of innocent children and a lack of water and uninterrupted power supply And life in Rafah, on the verge of a complete standstill, and regrettably, the international community is still unable to stand for the protection of human rights of Palestinians, …….. Is still unable to describe the occupation as a government committed war crimes against humanity ….. Human rights body and a single integrated and coherent and its parts can not be separated from each other and of economic, social and cultural rights are part of this and what is practiced by the occupation government as a violation of international law and a clear and flagrant human rights.

He appealed to the international community We call upon the international community and human rights institutions and all the friends of democracy to intervene to stop the brutal Israeli aggression on Rafah And call upon the international donor institutions to speed up to compensate the affected citizens who lost their sons and their land and their property and their homes And we call on the Palestinian government for a national and moral duty towards the victims and we call upon them to put the best interest of the citizen of special interest or partisan, and the immediate commencement of reconstruction of the Anglo-occupation .

Said Mr. Ahmed Abuasakr Director General The aim of the meeting is highlighted the suffering of the people in the region fork by the continued Israeli aggression on the region and that Qadir’s fellow Vice the meeting will be sent to all stakeholders, adding that the Assembly will continue to stand by all of our people affected and will defend the rights of the ground at any cost Occur brother / Zo’rob Saeed (Abu Fathi), deputy governor of Rafah, on the conservation efforts in alleviating the suffering of the people, saying: The Rafah governorate of the most affected provinces so on the role of the government and the presidency under such fierce attack is one of the most questions of other citizens, do the institutions of the presidency and the government provided what they need for those affected by these attacks? He added that no government institution in the list in turn, under the vicious attack and we are not qualified to repel any attack us, and that the Authority did not provide any budget to meet any emergency and said that the Ministry of Agriculture being absent at this meeting which is the most government institutions, which must address the legacy of these attacks machine occupation of widespread destruction in the agricultural sector Marja on the economic situation through which the Authority are subject to pressure from citizens and that there are some shortcomings of all those dealing with the Israeli attacks and pointed out that there was no real program to support the affected farms, or whether the loss of his home and especially in the fork, which is considered a disaster area and spoke about the burden borne by the pressures from the governor and the citizens and the abuse of the international community with this crisis, stressing the importance of the prominent role played by UNRWA, particularly in the region fork.

And brother, Mr. speaking / Mansour Breik, the mayor of a fork on the extent of the damage on the fork and the extent of readiness of the municipality to deal with them that we are proud that we are the first line of defense in this region and as everyone knows that the institution of the presidency and the government living in crisis and the siege of the attack and fully compounded But this does not mean that any of us to get out the word indicates the desperation, thousands of riot gave thousands of martyrs and wounded and thousands of prisoners and made substantial financial sacrifices over the centuries and we are helpless because the potential may be non-existent at all institutions, especially with the magnitude of the Israeli attack and the area is today the region fork contact and a single front-line first with the occupation after the Israeli army withdrew from areas of the border or the center of Philadelphia., As to the size of losses, the destruction of more than (8000) agricultural acres were completely destroyed and the (275) greenhouses completely destroyed and about (30) poultry farms were destroyed, except for the road network and change the character of vouchers in some areas and the extent of losses of the citizens about only $ 70 million in the fork, and the high price of vegetables in the market resulting from the bulldozing and destruction of agricultural land and greenhouses, which are estimated at 15% of the Gaza Strip from the production of vegetables. He noted that there is a clear failure of the institutions of international support and praised the role of UNRWA and the Red Cross for its role in the rush to provide aid to those affected and added that the citizens of light of the difficult economic situation and said that the municipalities are experiencing significant shortfalls in their role and that there is the duty of the Chair and It must be borne by all, The government.

MP / Ashraf Gomaa, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council on the role of the Legislative Council in the reconstruction of the affected areas in the province of Rafah, and thanked the Chairman NSDL and addressed the important issues that concern the people of the province and the people alive, fork and added that there are three basic things have been put forward in the Legislative Council:

First: was the decision that the fork as a disaster area.

Secondly: the message clear to the institutions of the presidency and the government to provide emergency services for the people of the fork and therefore has been the transfer of $ (10000) for the brothers in the region fork.

Third: It was agreed with the Commission to limit the damage with the modern presidency and the government, especially m the Minister of Agriculture and a vision of the damage and how to address existing as the fork is the food basket of the province of Rafah. All international institutions to come sit with the delegates of the people of the fork to develop a mechanism of action on how to help in the reconstruction of them.

The embargo does not provide a serious matter of money and should be declared a campaign to rebuild the region fork and help them begin the campaign on Friday and will be a distress call to help in the campaign.

Dr. / Ali Moussa, the damage done to the health sector of martyrs and wounded and a shortage of medicines: and started his speech by thanking the Assembly and outlined the effects of hostilities since the beginning of the intifada at about (520) and martyr (5500) Wounded in Rafah any shed 12% of provinces of the country while maintaining the population of about 2.7% of the population of Palestine in other words, the proportion of the martyrs and wounded more than four times the population of the province, there are cases of disability and loss of mobility of the parties and all types of disabilities, but for the ongoing campaign to maintain the total number of martyrs ( 18) killed and (50) and that all the wounded, the injuries resulted from the firing of rockets or tank shells, where we see the entrance fragments occur in the blood vessels and cause serious burn and melt due to body chemicals that are in those missiles and rockets, which is difficult for us in many cases to identify The bodies of the martyrs, a weapon is prohibited internationally and added that the hospital operates within the possibilities of a very simple, calling everyone to the development of the hospital to meet any aggression against the province.

Occur brother / Mahmoud Youssef, legal advisor to the mayor of the municipality of Rafah, on the preparations of Rafah, in the light of the worsening crisis in the province, saying: that what happened in the fork of the incursions, destruction and killing of human beings resulting in the direct and indirect results has been the direct killing of human beings and should henceforth focus on the lives of rights and provide protection to him and their rights.

You all know that Israel bombed the electricity generators deliberately in order to increase the citizens in the municipality and we in a clear and direct as disrupted 8 wells in the province of Rafah on the water pumping and we were able to overcome the problem of the solar stocks, which had been able to and operation of certain water wells to the end of the problem and also the amount has been disbursed (1000) dollars urgently to cover the expenses of maintaining the municipality of diesel as well Rafah consumed almost every day (9000) liters of diesel, in the recent period has been beaten on the line of electricity, which led to the aggravation of the crisis in the municipal, But thanks to the efforts that have been made to provide a sufficient stock of diesel to the municipal enough for a month and a half, and noted that the main garbage dump for the province, which is located in the area closed for the duration of the Sofa the car has not been able to access municipal and was substituted in the Tel Sultan, where the lives of citizens in the area of risk to health. Agricultural areas have been destroyed and the affected citizens will suffer greatly from the rise in prices as a result, one of the results of others directly.

It was stated that the conditions must be considered to families who were displaced from their homes and need shelter. The interventions to: That there is a clear failure of the municipality and to maintain the fork and all the official bodies to carry out their duty towards the people of the fork and took up the Ministry of Agriculture and the Palestinian government responsible for this shortcoming.

He criticized the majority of the audience, which was a fork of the population affected by the lack of any personal and ministerial visit is a government official for the suffering of the people, as well as for the media to expose the barbaric practices of the imbalance and the participants expressed great anger by the absence of the Director of Electricity Distribution Company Abu Mohammad Amer from the Forum Despite the official invitation of the Assembly and saw the flight of his absence from the public face and demanded justice in the workplace, The participants unanimously on a set of recommendations:

1 – held a meeting with international donor institutions in the presence of representatives of the affected area of the fork.

2 – Preparation of a plan to rebuild the Madmrh occupation.

3 – to begin to make up the population affected by the size of the damage suffered and the biggest problem of food aid or the like.

4 – Provision of safe drinking water, especially after the destruction of lines and water networks.

5 – restore electricity to affected areas.

6 – to appeal to the government to carry out its obligations to citizens and are worthy of compensation of the size of the losses.

7 – Remove the debris from buildings, especially the animals that were buried under the rubble began to smell are harmful to the health of the population and the environment.

8 – Find a shelter and housing for displaced families and destroyed their homes, especially with near the holy month of Ramadan.

9 – Adoption of the region fork a disaster area by the donor institutions and by the Palestinian Authority.