Organized by the NSDL Symposium entitled “The phenomenon of kidnappings of foreigners and the causes and consequences of that club services in the Rafah 6-9-2006, in the presence of” Yusuf Isa, “the Director of the Preventive Security Service,” and Osama Antar, “the Director of the German Friedrich, Sheikh Ali Abu Mohsen Chairman of the Committee reform in central Rafah and in the presence of a large crowd of citizens, intellectuals, and laws and institutions of civil society.

The President of the General / Ibrahim Al-Muammar This new phenomenon of the Palestinian people, this phenomenon, which proved to be related to the aims and the narrow personal interests. Has increased in recent times talking about the kidnapping of foreigners working in Gaza And stressed that the phenomenon of the abduction of foreigners in the Palestinian territories, the Palestinians harmed the presidency, government and people, as is the strange phenomenon of an emergency and had nothing to do with the Palestinian people’s traditions, values and cultural heritage, and distort the national struggle, and harm the cause of fair and legitimate national rights, And that we must all clear stance in rejecting and condemning all manifestations of chaos and security chaos and led the kidnapping of foreigners and we call for all the perpetrators of such acts to justice to receive punishment for his abuse of the Palestinian national struggle and because the presence of foreigners in the occupied Palestinian national interest No one can forget Rachel Corrie, U.S. citizenship, which came from the U.S. of solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian people and escaped the bulldozers are trying to defend her occupation of the tank prevent the demolition of homes of Palestinians in Rafah.

Rachel alone should have been stopped by the thought that the foreigners kidnapped or prejudice, but unfortunately what happened in Gaza that the group attempted to kidnap and is with her mother, who came to defend and sympathy with the Palestinian People It should be emphasized that all the groups and formations, which is The phenomenon of kidnappings of foreigners, often a disservice to the cause and provide a golden opportunity for the occupation, to say the Palestinians in the West Hahm terrorists, including “Look what they do helps them, not to mention those who do not help them, and thus distort the situation of struggle and the Palestinian cause.

He also Brigadier Issa Youssef, chief of preventive security in the Gaza Strip, the ongoing kidnappings in the Gaza Strip are the result of continued security chaos and carry out the kidnapping of their personal interests to bring, giving justification to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people to make the part of international terrorism, kidnapping, and that the goal targets local and it is far removed from the customs and traditions in Palestinian society. And that he must take drastic and decisive and to take a set of security policies so that the Palestinian citizen safety and security, stressing that the security services were still refuses to this phenomenon, depicting the Palestinian people, stressing that he would not hesitate to make every effort to eradicate this phenomenon, called on the national and Islamic forces to develop a national position and the people to eradicate this phenomenon.

The professor said, “Osama Abu Antar” the Director of the German Friedrich had intensified the pace of kidnappings of foreigners since the middle of last year, working in various fields such as journalism, medicine and the foreigners in the Gaza Strip are to serve the Palestinian people, and the picture gets worse in the Gaza Strip, causing the loss of foreign large of the Gaza Strip because of the growing phenomenon of kidnapping, and there are a lot of international institutions closed, and the rate of 80% of the budgets go to support the West Bank and 20% of the Gaza Strip, and many foreign embassies do not allow its nationals to travel to the Gaza Strip, which could be difficult to identify the needs of the Palestinian people. He said that if it did not end the phenomenon of kidnapping, there will be no sympathy in the international community.

A spokesman for the Palestinian police chief said the abduction phenomenon is a glimpse of the damage and the scrapping of the Palestinian people and deny the Palestinian people to provide services and assistance, and the phenomenon of kidnappings of foreigners is part of the phenomenon of chaos and anarchy. This is due to the Israeli occupation and its policies against the Palestinian National Authority and the destruction of the headquarters of the Authority, as well as the proliferation of illicit and overlapping security services and the absence of structures for security and the weakness of the Palestinian judicial system. Failure to arrest those carrying out the kidnappings, although their identities are known.

He stressed the need for the establishment of law and lay the foundations for defining the powers of the security services and provide the necessary protection for the Palestinian Authority institutions in order to be able to play its role assigned to them.

And Sheikh Ali Abu Mohsen Chairman of the Committee on Reform in the county of the central position of Islamic law, men of religion, clans and families and men of the reform on this dangerous phenomenon, stressing that this phenomenon is contrary to our religion, which provides for tolerance and fraternity, generosity and good hospitality, saying that foreigners were guests of the Palestinians must reason they respected because it is not our customs and traditions of the offending guest, stressed the rejection of the clergy and the phenomenon of al-Shara called on mosque preachers to devote their sermons about the seriousness of this phenomenon and the incompatibility of the Islamic religion, which provided for tolerance and fraternity, saying that the continuation of smaller and would damage the Palestinian interest, and called for all categories of the Palestinian people to turn to the community to stop this phenomenon.

The Managing Director of the General Ahmad Abu Assaker that the kidnapping of foreigners is an affront to Palestinian society, which has blood in his Thorath successive kidnappings and would be abused for the Palestinian cause and the image of the Palestinian people. He explained that the crimes of kidnapping, to the detriment of national interests and missed opportunities to strengthen international solidarity with the Palestinian society, and noted that the psychological and moral civility of the individual is a successful approach for the prevention of crime. At the end of the meeting The Professor Abu Darwish said in a crack on the need for general deterrence and confirm the presence of the officer controls the following religious and moral, legal and law enforcement and the need to take bold decisions and actions to impose security and order.

Mr. Darwish also stressed in his annalist jointly by all parties, both the police and the people to reject the phenomenon of Palestinian society, stressing that the Palestinian people, decent people are tolerant and respectful of the guests in high regard, adding that the phenomenon of alien abduction phenomenon of the Palestinian people, which is an anomalous situation, and there are a few exercises kidnapping of a factional interests. The participants recommended the following :

1 – must be a clear position to reject and condemn all manifestations of chaos and security chaos and led the kidnapping of foreigners.

2 – The culture of justice and the commission of such crimes with impunity is the main reason for the recurrence of a phenomenon is so offensive to the national authority for the Palestinian people, and affects the entire interests.

3 – to provide all the perpetrators of such acts to justice to receive punishment for his abuse of the Palestinian national struggle.

4 – We must recall that the previous cases where the Government has capitulated to the previous and current with the demands of the kidnappers and their demands, which reflect the interests and personal agendas rather than pursue them and bring them to justice.

5 – The strange phenomenon of emergency, which had nothing to do with the Palestinian people’s traditions, values and cultural heritage, which distort the national struggle, and harm the cause of fair and legitimate national rights.

6 – should be surrounded the Palestinian public and the prosecution of the perpetrators of such a phenomenon. damage because the higher interest of the citizens and contribute to the escape of representatives, foreign diplomats and journalists from the Palestinian territories.

7 – Asserting that foreign journalists working for the Palestinian cause, and to expose violations and war crimes committed by the occupation forces and those journalists who are being transported in the Palestinian territories to their peoples and their countries through satellite channels.

8 – We call on the Ministry of Culture and Education in cooperation and coordination to allocate the share of school time and one on the seriousness of this phenomenon for the dissemination of cultural awareness among students of schools and universities.

9 – We call upon all foreigners flocking to the Palestinian territories without fear or concern of what is being done because it is not our compatriots, and not of our customs and traditions is not prejudice to special guests and their national interest and popularity.

10 – we call Aaimp preachers and mosque sermons to intensify over the religious tolerance of our religion and the Islamic rejection of the aggression, or prejudice to the foreign guests.

11 – we apologize for any serious harm to foreigners working in the Palestinian territories and to thank them for their support and solidarity with the just cause of the Palestinian people.

12 – to invite the Palestinian government, and the identification of the Minister of Interior to issue directives and instructions of the security services to exercise its role to fight and prosecute and bring the perpetrators to justice.