Organized by the NSDL Workshop, entitled The role of donor institutions in the current crisis and in the morning 18-9-2006 Reichl S. Hall at the headquarters of the General Union of Palestinian Women presence By Professor Ibrahim, the President of the General Moamer Omar Shaban, a professor and director of Catholic Relief UNDP and Mr. Bassel Nasr, director of programs at the United Nations Development Program Professor UN relief agency representative Khalil abo shamala director of emergency services and operations in Professor Director of Public Relations in the Islamic Relief Salem Kidwa Al-Saeed, deputy governor of Rafah Zo’rob and representatives of private and government institutions and national figures and men of the tribes and Reform Commission and the victims of the region fork

Mr. Ibrahim said the President of the General Moamer in his Palestinian people live in economic and social crisis of unprecedented humanitarian situation is extremely complex and difficult. Felt by every citizen, whether Palestinian or an employee or dealer or out of work In other words, stopped the wheel of the whole economic life. We are not against the development of non-human, but is not at all a moral and ethical human waste, especially when it violates the values and principles of human rights under the weight of the blockade and the citizen loses all the Palestinian legitimate rights guaranteed him by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yes, lost social and economic rights, cultural, and the entire international community is helpless position on the protection of human rights and is unable to condemn the occupation government, which was supposed to and surrounding the succession to Maartkpth of war crimes against civilians, but regrettably, the one who is punished the Palestinian people who deserve protection concept of the Geneva Convention.

In the wake of the punishment which has starved the whole of the Palestinian people began a new journey of suffering and pain that life can almost feel the semi were not for the limited support the humanitarian organizations of humanitarian donors that had provided what it can to the people to alleviate their suffering, but the size of the daily suffering of a much larger volume of support for people hungry, I openly say that the tens of thousands of homes could not provide the requirements of life, food, clothing and if it does not interfere with donor institutions urgently and fast, the famine almost see the real features in the faces and eyes of our children and our parents and our brothers and sisters, yes, a crime against humanity, a disaster that trapped and starving the people of occupied honors and occupation, Through this meeting, we must cry touches the hearts and minds of both friends and donors to extend aid to the Palestinian people and ensure their full social equality with the peoples of the world, and to thank and appreciation to the Director of UNRWA for its efforts and distinct role in the service of our people and drew attention to the importance of the simple gesture carried out by UNRWA through the distribution of the amount of one hundred shekels per student had a great effect in the laying of a smile on the lips of children deprived of their most basic rights, and thanked all donor institutions, which is still lend their support to the Palestinian people and invited them to greater effort and work for the reconstruction of the destroyed by the occupation and the laying of smiles and hope in the Palestinian society, especially in Rafah this all-stricken sense of the word.

Al-Saeed, deputy governor of Rafah Zo’rob He said his role in Rafah is almost zero because of the lack of a promise to balance the provision of the emergency program in Rafah; and the limited role of Rafah on coordination between donor institutions and the people of the affected areas to provide the simple requirements of the relief organizations of the citizens in the affected areas and provide them with a portion of the aid ; I also commend Mr. Saeed Zo’rob on the role of the UNRWA and its support for the citizens and residents of demolished houses and to provide programs for unemployment and the relief and employment to reduce the burden on the citizens. I also commend the NSDL this modest effort and interest in the holding of such workshops and seminars that are the focus of attention for the citizens.

Omar Shaban, a professor / economist and Catholic Relief Express my deep thanks and appreciation to the NSDL its interest in such a workshop was held this hall; and Professor Omar Ali said he could not give the right of Rafah aid and this aid small and fast to meet the minimum requirements of the affected citizens and persons with special needs; also confirmed the existence of explicit problems faced by institutions in their work by the occupation forces and the occupation authorities hindered the work of these institutions and the functioning of the teams sweating the field.

Mr. Omar said that there must be a sustainable relationship between the citizen, or private organizations and donor institutions should also be a contingency plan ready and present at any time and that there are technical and management teams capable of reaching the affected citizens and the needy, community groups benefiting from the grants.

He added that the Catholic Relief Foundation is in the bottom of Gaza since ten years and the role of the project not only relief but also have a role youth development, rural areas and the provision of projects to assist university students and graduates.

Mr. Aqil Abu Shammala on behalf of Mr. John King, Director of Operations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees. He stressed that the role of the relief agency is limited to the three most important things, namely:

1 – the role of UNRWA in the initial relief in the early hours of aggravation of the crisis or problem and to deal with the event in terms of the exchange building camps of tents and shelters in the schools of the displaced families of the bombing-kind assistance has been disbursed The cash was given a rent allowance to the families of the houses demolished homes and existing homes on the line as he sought to address the Saudi housing project, which will be outstanding and solve the dilemma of 750 captured in the first stage and there is another stage, and the total beneficiaries of Hmaalparwa nearly thousand families will be built housing units on the installments ; He said that for housing was dealt with so that all segments of society benefited from the project staff and staff from non-citizens who are refugees whose homes and this project is not confined to the town of Rafah, but is generalized to all cities and homes to Rafah, but the brunt of being the most affected province at the national level .

2 – The role of the Agency in the disbursement of aid to citizens and persons with cases in need of assistance so as to divert the eyes of the citizens and the coupons had been at this stage to aid the exchange of personnel of the Authority because of delayed salaries and was lifted following a recommendation of the Director of Agency operations and there is some relief (121) thousand families beneficiaries of this program is to work .

3 – cash assistance:  has revealed Mr. Aqeel Abu Shammala that there is a plan for the disbursement of financial aid for the (60,000) families in the current period and confirmed the continuity of the program; also revealed the size of the assistance provided to his agency is only an amount (100) NIS benefiting This program (194) called for a cost of four million dollars; also said that there is a plan where the institutions of civil society called for the submission of plans for the category of graduates and community support activities and youth clubs has been disbursed and the amount of five million dollars to cover these projects.

UNDP Professor Basil Nasr, director of programs at the United Nations Development Program He thanked the NSDL to hold such meetings for the opportunity to identify the concerns of citizens and meet him face to face and identify it as clear that the life of this institution is the Twenty-seven years and is part of a project for the UN Development is engaged in community development programs, but in some Crisis is a departure from the institutions and become a role where it provides emergency assistance in time of crisis for the affected families and the poor and suffering of Rafah, admitted that the level of extreme poverty and reviewed the Director of the Foundation, a number of projects submitted by the institution and at the present time, including the distribution of electrical tools on citizens affected the cost of 800 thousand dollars and that there is an amount of one million dollars for building houses for the owners of homes destroyed; and There are a total of 375 housing units in the town of Rafah, the border strip for the victims and those who demolished the homes of citizens and deprived of the services and relief agency, and there are 125 housing units as well as in the city of Khan Younis; that there is also a project for lighting by Salah al-Din of the Rafah crossing and even the Gaza Valley; and that there is an amount of Sixty-four million dollars in a plan to clean up the streets of Gaza and the development of computer waste and assist municipalities in providing fuel for the municipal duty and role assigned to it to serve the citizens And that there was a grant from the Canadian government to support university students have been monitoring the amount of million dollars to support this group and the role of the institution not only to where it has a coordinating role in helping to open the crossings and talk to the other party in order to facilitate the movement of citizens and the citizens appealed to the Palestinians stay away from the militarization of Palestinian society and the non-use of force and the protection of international donor institutions in the Palestinian territories and refused to reject the phenomenon of kidnappings of foreigners, which did a disservice to the Palestinian cause and impede the work of donor institutions and reflect a negative image of the Palestinian territories. Professor Director of Public Relations in the Islamic Relief Salem Kidwa Spoke about the role of Islamic Relief and its contribution to the alleviation of the citizen and the Islamic Relief has provided many of the programs of the baskets of food and the provision of water tanks on public roads and expressed regret for the theft of these reservoirs, which benefit the citizens; He said the association has to pay electricity and water bills for some families and provided Many of the school bags for needy students and the institution is currently on bail of approximately seven hundred orphans; also expressed its readiness to finance any project to be submitted from any civil see it in the service of the citizen; also said that the Foundation has provided assistance to the municipality of Rafah, the provision of fuel and diesel; also There is a plan under implementation with the help of UNRWA schools in order to provide safe drinking water where the Foundation will provide water tanks within each school.

He also expressed the willingness of the institution receiving no idea of any citizen or any association of private and stressed that the Foundation is studying the possibility of diversification and change in quality of baskets relief so as not to be repeated and the same. Said Mr. Ahmed Abuasakr Director General that the meeting was organized by the Assembly in order to deliver several messages to donors that may be linked to humanitarian aid relief the political situation, he said, adding that the Assembly will continue to do their duty in the service of the Palestinian people in Rafah and will organize further meetings on the issues affecting daily life of the Palestinian people Recommendations:

1_ appeal to the donor of humanitarian organizations to provide rapid emergency assistance to the Palestinian people especially in this critical stage through which the Palestinian people.

2_ should allocate a special budget to the Palestinian government of emergency to be used in times of crisis emergency.

3 – Equality in the provision of assistance to the category of citizens and deprived of the services and relief agency, regardless of their refugee or a citizen.

4_ immediate commencement of reconstruction of the Anglo-Israeli citizens, and to compensate farmers whose farms were destroyed and washed away.

5_ unemployment extension program established by the Agency for relief for a relatively long period so that citizens benefit from it in earnest.

6 – Non-focus support on specific institutions, but must involve the largest possible number of institutions in order to preserve the principle of transparency and competition in the service of citizens.

7_ should donor institutions operating in humanitarian and not political criteria, according to aid victims and the poor and displaced persons in accordance with moral duty and laws and international law.

8_ appeal to donor countries to save community from the clutches of extreme poverty.

9_ payment of rent allowance to owners of destroyed houses and non- the issue of the demolished homes (refugees / citizen).

10 – Work to reconstruct what was destroyed by the occupation of the houses of citizens whose homes were destroyed and to rebuild the new houses lines and areas of friction when the political situation allows it.

11 – holding more such meetings to help citizens in the delivery of voice, and officials of all members concerned.

12 – The bear civil society organizations to help citizens and the delivery of voice actors for all they are the link between the Authority and the community.