Concluded by the NSDL the first phase of the program of English language teaching, where a number of completed courses to teach English in line with the objectives of the General Assembly in promoting volunteerism among the various groups of the Palestinian people and the dissemination of culture among young people and this program is to help students in difficult economic circumstances, we have organized three consecutive sessions in English language education in the period from 1/10/2006 until 31/12/2006 m m each of the targeted ten students from schools in the secondary stage, in the headquarters of the NSDL in Rafah, Under the supervision of a select group of qualified English language teachers in the province of Rafah, and will continue in the organization of the many courses in the English language in order to help students overcome their difficulties in absorbing the English language, the implementation of the Assembly initiated the second phase of the program in the history of PM 15/1/2007 where program consists of five phases each phase targeting 30 high school students and the program targets 150 students annually.