NSDL Organized a workshop on Sunday morning 13-1-2008, entitled “the social consequences for human rights violations victims ” in Headquarter of NSDL in the presence of several institutions and civil societies representatives in Rafah. Ahmed Abu Assaker, the Director of NSDL, clarified the significance of holding this meeting in light of these difficult circumstances that our people are living in Gaza Strip due to the continuation of the comprehensive siege on Gaza, under the head of division in the Palestinian political system and the impact on human rights.

In the intervention of Mrs. Buthaina Sobeh, the Director of Women department in Mental Health Program, she identified violence as it is a coercion in various ways and forms, whether verbal or political, social, economic and may be a legal exercised by the strongest and to change a certain view or to achieve a political or partisan benefits. She confirmed that there are two types of violence; violence from the Israeli side and internal violence which is new in our society especially after the events of June 14, bringing the Palestinian people to practice violence against himself. Mrs. Sobeh stressed on the social and psychological impacts of this violence type such as a shock and stunned to the Palestinian people from the practices exercised by the same people, the loss of security and safety, the lack of vision clarity for the future, the lack of planning, a sense of fear, to the children in particular, in addition to violence culture to elders, youth, and women, also refusing the reality in all its forms and the idea of immigration, as the many young people think of migration, in addition to a serious phenomenon which is the disintegration of family, as a result, the Palestinian house was divided and practice violence against himself and the loss of family cohesion.

In addition to the continuing phenomenon of masked gunmen in streets, and armed civilian supporters of police forces. The NSDL looks in a deep and profound concern to the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories, and it considers  that respect for human rights is missing in the Palestinian territories. The NSDL recalls article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 21: “The right of peaceful assembly recognized. No restrictions may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those imposed in conformity with the law and which are necessary in a democratic society, for the maintenance of national security or public safety or public order or the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. ” Accordingly, the NSDL considers that all events in Gaza Strip in the eve of the start of Fateh movement 43 anniversary is a serious violation of human rights and the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Ibrahim Muammar, the President of NSDL said that the Palestinian people live in extremely complex and difficult conditions and internal political divisions and the violence culture prevalent in Palestinian society, and the role of wise and moderate was lost, so we in a deep need to strengthen relationships between civil institutions and moderates, and the necessity of activating substances laws. Universal Declaration of Human Rights has clarified in Article V that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” and Article VIII, “Everyone has the right to resort to the competent national tribunals for an effective remedy by any acts violating the fundamental rights conferred upon it by the Constitution or the law”. He also added “We seek to promote a culture of tolerance and brotherhood and to reject the culture of violence within the community, as well as to seek cooperation with human rights institutions to promote a culture of human rights, especially in light of the confiscation of our social, political and economic development., calling for the cessation of incitement and media need and stopping the neutral media and which play a key role in the rejection of violence and enhance the language cultur of tolerance between people of the community.

A researcher at Al-Mizan center for human rights, Mohammed Abdullah, said that the violence is rooted in Palestinian society as a result of lawlessness and internal conflict and that the political violence was increased aiming at the abolition the other, he also added that violence forms are due to the absence of the rule of law and the absence of the judiciary and the decisions to freeze the Department of Public Prosecutions work after the attack on the Attorney General’s Office in Gaza and the decision to stop collecting money in the courts and the control of the courts assembly, emphasizing on the importance of the judicial power is an independent from the rest of the three authorities, saying that Palestinian society is in very difficult circumstances, and the wise and moderate in the Bedouin community have to work mainly to promote a culture of tolerance and love among the sons of one people.

Nader Al-qaseer, a journalist, clarified that the Palestinian society is controlled by tribals and clans, and violence has become a widespread everywhere, adding that the continuation of the current situation will lead to catastrophic results, and that the domestic violence is more dangerous and leads to the disintegration of society and its division and may appear clearly in the future, therefore, we must get rid of the partial cloak and to get out of the current impasse, where the Palestinian society was awash of suffering, and everyone is afraid from the future, unlike other peoples who live for a better future, but we, he said, however feel that the wheel of life has stopped and there is no new in the community, but fear, violence and attacks, warning of the danger of the future generations mobilization to a distorted unrelated culture.

At the end of the meeting, participants emphasized the need to:

1- stop the media campaigns and mistrust policy, and the media should be neutral and impartial.

2- launch a campaign includes a cultural awareness of all Palestinian society segments to reduce violence and clarify the adverse serious effects of violence.

3- use all means that emulate the Palestinian society in all classes and sects to launch a culture of tolerance and reconciliation within the Palestinian community.

4- Work to establish the principle of the rule of law to reduce the chaos phenomenon so that the citizen could feel secure and safe.

5- the necessity of activating the Basic Law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to protect the rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed by these laws.