A high-level delegation form the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ramallah visited the NSDL in Rafah. The delegation comprised Philip Baret Holzpafel, the responsible of the political affairs in the German Embassy, Auto Betchlatt the manager of projects in the German Fredriech Ebert Stiftung (FES), and Ossama Antar the manager of projects of FES in the Gaza Strip. In reception of the delegation were Ibraheem Moammar the head of board of the NSDL, and Ahmad Abu Assaker the executive manager of the NSDL.

Moammar exposed before the delegation the deterioration of the humanitarian circumstances in the Gaza Strip under the persistence of the comprehensive Israeli blockade, which he considered a collective punishment that defies in letter and soul the foundations of democracy and human rights. He added that the blockade repercussions reached the various phases of life in the Palestinian society, and deprived the citizens of their basic rights to free movement and traveling, which reached also the movement of vital goods into the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the infrastructure constructions were completely stopped due to banning the entrance of the synthetic materials into the Gaza Strip. Subsequently, thousands of workers were deprived of job opportunities, which raised the unemployment rate and, thence, the deterioration of the standard of living. Moammar called on the German government to intervene to compel Israel to permit the entrance of the full quantity of fuel to the Gaza Strip without eliminating it, in order to avoid a humanitarian crisis that may happen due to the persistence of the fuel shortage. Moammar revealed his thankfulness and appreciation to the FES in the Gaza Strip represented in Dr. Ossama Antar for their efforts and distinguished role in standing by the NSDL in order to achieve its assigned objectives.

Ahmad Abu Assaker talked about the activities of the NSDL and its role in spreading the culture of democracy and the human rights, and the future perspective of the association. He emphasized that the NSDL works impartially and devoid of factionalism and denominationalism. He added that the NSDL seeks for the promulgation of the culture of tolerance and dialogue within the Palestinian society. Then he explained the obstacles in the way of the NSDL to realize its aims.

The delegation revealed his utmost thankfulness and appreciation to the efforts of the NSDL to spread the culture of the human rights in the Palestinian society. The representative of the German embassy affirmed that the embassy and the FES give great attention to the promulgation of the human rights culture and the enhancement of the role of the civil society institutions.

After the meeting, Moammar accompanied the delegation in an observatory tour to the Rafah crossing point and Salahuddeen Gate area on the borderline between Egypt and the Palestinian territories.