During visits paid to responsible persons in the institution of presidency and the legislative Council, representatives of civil society institutions in Rafah and Khanyounis called upon the presidency and the Palestinian Legislative Council to intervene to put restrictions on the increase of prices. The visiting delegation comprised Ibraheem Moammar the head of board of the NSDL, Ayman Jabberr the director of Almuttahedeen Social and Cultural Association, Khawlah Abu Mustafa the female director of Bissaan Charity, Myyadah Abu Mandeel the female director of Alhayah Association for Family Development, and Ahamad Abu Assaker the executive manager of the NSDL.

The delegation met with Dr. Ossama Alfarra the governor of Khanyounis and Dr. Zuhdi Alqedra the governor of Rafah and delivered to them massages directed to the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbass demanding him to intervene to put an end to the unreasonable increase of prices of the basic commodities, emphasizing on the necessity of chasing the monopolists and bringing them to justice. Another massage was directed to Dr. Ahmand Bahar the deputy president of the legislative council demanding the implementation of the legislative supervision on the performance of the executive authority and urging it to carry out its role of supervising the prices of goods, in addition to issuing the necessary legislations for this matter. Dr. Alqedra emphasized that the demands shall be delivered to president Mahmoud Abbass, stating his condemnation of the increase of prices and calling upon the donor international institutions to increase their economic support to the Palestinian people to enable it to overcome the crisis of the soaring prices.

Dr. Ossama Al-Farra explained that this issue has become one of the most important problem of the people’s daily life, and has had negative reflections on the Palestinian social arena, given the deprivation of the citizens of obtaining their daily needs and the rampant phenomenon of unemployment.

On his part, Moammar emphasized that these massages are a persistence of the NSDL’s activities in the context of the project of the network of civil society institutions for the enhancement of democracy and the protection of the human rights, in cooperation with German Friedrech Ebert Stiftung. He added that the persistence of such activity is important, demanding the Palestinian Authority to intervene to stand by the citizens. He demanded the police in the Gaza Strip to chase the monopolists and put an end to the increase of prices. It is unacceptable that the Gaza Strip turns into a black market where the 20 liters of fuel are being sold for $100, while the original cost is $15.