In the context of the project of the network of civil society institutions for enhancing the rule of law and the protection of human rights in the governorates of Rafah and Khanyounis in cooperation with the German Ebert Stiftung, the NSDL organized a human chain today’s morning 9/6/2008 in front of the NSDL’s headquarters near Annijma Yard. The human chain bore the title “the persistence of the siege is a violation of the basic human rights”. The participants in the chain, who comprised many dignitaries and notable personalities of Rafah, bore Palestinian flags and slogans deploring the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

Ibraheem Moammar, the head of board of the NSDL, considered the persistence of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip the ugliest form of oppression and humiliation against the innocent civilians. He deplored the persistence of the siege as it manifests a grave violation of the rules and principles of the international and humanitarian law, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, and the Israeli maneuvering in complying with its legal commitments in accordance to the international agreements of the human rights. Moammar added that the Israeli government is indifferent to the ramifications of its policy of collective punishment on the civilians, which deprives them of their political, economic, social, and cultural rights.

On his part, the executive manager of the NSDL Ahmad Abu Assaker called upon the Arab and international conscience to intervene to lift the comprehensive blockade on the Gaza Strip, considering that the siege requires more than words of condemnation and deploring as it entered the stage of the gradual death. The Palestinian citizen is suffering daily and severely due to depriving him of the basic commodities of life.

On his part, Ahmad Sha’at, the director of the general directorate of clans and reform affairs, considered the siege as a crime against humanity, pondering the silence of the international community concerning the persistence of the siege despite the immense human and economic losses caused by the persistence of the siege.

Abeer Mitliq, the general female director of the Rural Community Development Association in Khanyounis, condemned the persistence of the siege, by which Israel deprives the Gazans of the right to free movement and traveling regardless to either their inevitable needs or the international agreements. She added that the blockade extended to deprive the Gazans of their basic needs like fuel and cooking gas, increasing thus their suffering.

Unanimously, the participants in the human chain demanded the intervention of the United Nations to compel Israel to lift its comprehensive blockade on the Gaza Strip. They also demanded the contracting parts of the Fourth Geneva Convention to bear their legal and moral responsibility and move urgently to lift the siege.