The Omani committee for charitable works in cooperation with NSDL in Rafah and with the charities in Rafah yesterday, has distributed food parcels to hundreds of poor and needy families in Rafah.

Wa’el Sawyerh, The representative of the committee in Gaza, stressed that the distribution of aid was inspired directly from the Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman Sultanate, within the Sultanate efforts to assist and support the besieged Palestinians in Gaza Strip. Sawyerh pointed out that the Committee has divided Gaza Strip into five regions, and each region has 1000 parcels, indicates that the package contains many of the supplies, which is enough to the whole family, pointing out that the value of each parcel is more than 120 Jordanian dinars, wishing that the packages will contribute to alleviate poor families suffering. Sawyerh mentioned that the assistance is only a part of a series of the support events and projects which the committee gives to the Palestinian people, stressing that his organization continues to support the Palestinians, and strengthen the steadfastness on their land.

Sawyerh noted that the committee had to buy the materials contained in the packages from Gaza Strip, with the aim of promoting the national industry and support local products, and hoped the Arab and Islamic countries to follow the example of Sultanate of Oman, and to increase its support for the Palestinians. From his side, The Chairman of NSDL, Ibrahim Muammar stressed that the packages financed by the Omani committee for Charitable Activities, indicating that the NSDL prepared the statements of needy families in cooperation with 35 civil associations and charities in Rafah.

He noted that the aim of dozens of associations involvement in names selection is to promote the principle of partnership, cooperation and coordination, and consolidation of effort between civil society institutions. Muammar had been given special priority in the distribution of the most affected areas by Israeli aggression, particularly Al-Shouka and Al-Naser villages which are most the most affected areas by the repeated incursions of the Israeli occupation forces.

Muammar expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to the people of Oman, and in particular His Excellency, the Minister, Mohamed bin Ali Al-alawi, the Minister of Legal Affairs, and Ali bin Ibrahim bin Shannon Al-Ra’eesi, the Executive Director of Oman Charitable Works, for their efforts and their role in helping the poor families, stressing that the assistance came at a time when the people are suffering extremely from difficult conditions, and living under a comprehensive blockade, especially with the delay of the international relief agency ‘UNRWA’, in distributing aids to the Palestinians, arguing that such aid does not solve the problem of thousands of poor families, but will contribute to alleviate the suffering of those families for a limited period. Muammar appealed to Arab and Islamic countries and charitable institutions in the world to extend a helping hand to the Palestinian people and enable it to overcome the difficult economic and social conditions, which he lives.

From their side, the Palestinian citizens thanked the Omani charitable support, said that the aid came at a time where they are in a great need of assistance, and wished  the Arab and Islamic world ton continue supporting the Palestinians .