NSDL organized a festival entitled “hand by hand to strengthen the rule of law”, in the morning today in Sharek Youth Forum in Rafah, in the presence of the Minister Abdullah Abu Samhadana, The Central province governor, and Dr. Osama Antar, The director of German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, and Ibrahim Muammar Chairman of NSDL, and dozens of tribes and reform commissions and representatives of civil institutions in Rafah and Khan Younis, and this within the activities of a network of civil society institutions to strengthen the rule of law and protection of human rights carried out by the NSDL in collaboration with German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The festival was opened by Ahmed Abu Assaker, the director of NSDL, welcoming the attendances and stressing on the importance of solidarity in order to promote the principle of the rule of law and protection of human rights, considering  that the reform and sub-clans committees have contributed positively in the resolution of many family disputes.

Ibrahim Muammar, the President of NSDL, from his side, confirmed on the importance of strengthening the law in the Palestinian society, and the law is the only guarantee of citizens dignity and rights, and stressed on the need to apply the law to everyone, whether the ruler or ruled, no one is above the law, adding that the respect for the law by all is a basic requirement for all citizens, and pointed out that the dream of the Palestinian citizen is the only a home in which justice and equality applied, where the human is respected not just a commodity bought and sold. Muammar praised the role of reform and tribes committees men who continue day and night in order to achieve civil peace, and to resolve family disputes, who had a prominent role over years in promoting the rule of law and a culture of tolerance and love among the citizens. He urged them to continue their role and to stand by and support in the association to achieve civil peace and the protection of human rights.

The director of German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Osama Antar, confirmed that the political and administrative system in which we live in our Palestinian is not enough to achieve the rule of law and there must be a soldier in the shadows, working hard to reform among the people which the reform commissions composed of tribal and clan elders, village leaders play and which have emerged strongly in the second Intifada, also sent a tribute to their distinguished role to eliminate the Palestinian civilian in the promotion of the rule of law and the principle of reconciliation as both complement the other. He also asked the tribal elders and village leaders and men of reform to take the role assigned to them and bear their responsibilities and take serious steps to reform the reconciliation between the political parties.

The Minister, Abdullah Abu Samhadana, Central province governor, confirmed on the rule of law must be preceded by important steps which is to respect all the political forces of law. He praised the role of reform men since the advent of the Palestinian National Authority, where they had the bulk of attention and appreciation of the Palestinian political leadership, for their role distinct in imposing security and peaceful community within the Palestinian community. Abu Samhadana appealed to reform men to take their role in tribal society and work hardly to restore the unity between the two home parts, stressing on the need to national unity between Hamas and Fateh in order to protect the Palestinian national project from collapse.

Said Abu Athrah, spoke on behalf of the network of civil society institutions, stressing on strengthening the rule of law and protection of human rights expressing his thanks and appreciation to the NSDL and The director of German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Osama Antar for their tremendous effort to communicate with all generations of the community, including village chiefs and the reform men who are the core of society and its base and he called for continued efforts of all NGOs with reform men to reform the manifest and the deployment of peace and security within the community.

In a speech to Ahmed Shaat (Abu Nabil), where he assured that the reform and sub-clans commissions stand by the rule of law, and it derives its strength from the law, customs and practice in the Palestinian community, pointing out that the reform men will continue their work and efforts to promote the culture of tolerance and civil peace and the rule of law in the Palestinian society. He expressed their support for the NSDL efforts in this aspect. He stressed on the need for national unity and to start a comprehensive national dialogue to put  an end to internal division.

At the end of the ceremony, the reform and clan men in Rafah and Khan Younis were honored, who have been granted an appreciation certificate modest gift from NSDL and the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation .