Consistent with the objectives of the NSDL in promoting a culture of human rights and tolerance within Palestinian society and reject the culture of violence and the promotion of dialogue and understanding, NSDL launched in collaboration with 50 institutions and NGOs, a public media campaign to promote the human rights of national unity.

Mr. Ibrahim Muammar, the President of NSDL, said that this campaign comes in light of difficult conditions and a very complex result of the continuing division between the sons of one people, and explained that this campaign aims to encourage the public to demand the strengthening of Palestinian national unity and end the division between the two nation, stressing that the continuation of this division, harms the Palestinian issue and Palestinian people rights, and he pointed out that the campaign started in 2000 by distributing posters copies calling for the national unity, and that the NSDL intends to implement many of activities and events that contribute to strengthen the national unity and end the division.

Muammar called the government in Gaza and the Palestinian government in Ramallah to take concrete steps to create the conditions for national dialogue and an end to the division state and political unity and cohesion between the two home parts, and release all political prisoners and the reopening of the institutions of civil society, and not to involve them in the midst of political conflict. He added that the solidarity and cooperation of the institutions of civil society that would alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and contribute to terminate the state of division, especially the fact that the institutions designed to serve all segments of society, regardless of party affiliation, calling for the institutions of civil society to work away from a neutral party and the political divide and to focus only on the service of Palestinian society.

It should be noted that the NSDL implements a program since two years ago to promote the culture of human rights and the rule of law in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.