The NSDL has accomplished 20 training courses on ” the enhancement of the democratic awareness and the human rights in the Palestinian family”. The courses were held along November, December and February in cooperation with the Civil Participation Program.

Ahmad Abu Assaker, the project coordinator, explained that the training courses focused on four principal pivots, namely: democracy and human rights, accepting the other, man and woman responsibilities in the family, and the enhancement of the role of woman and youth in decision making. The courses were conducted by specialized professional trainers in cooperation with ten civil society institutions in Rafah and Khanyounis areas. The target group comprised 450 individuals from all segments of the Palestinian society. Abu Assaker revealed his thanks and gratitude to the civil society institution for their role in making the training courses successful, including Al-Foukhari Development and Culture Association,  Annassr Charity Association, Ameera for Palestinian Woman Education and Development, Vanguards of Palestine, Al-mawasi Cooperative Agrarian Association, Palestinian Society for Environmental Protection, Annajda Association, Al-Janoub Association for Woman Health, Beesaan Charity Association, Attadamon Charity Association.

For his apart, Ibraheem Moammar, chairman of the NSDL, explained that these training courses were implemented in tandem with the NSDL’s efforts in enhancing the awareness of the democracy and human rights principles and strengthening the foundations of the civil society in Palestine, as well as raising the cultural level and legal awareness; for the democracy and human rights culture is a basic need to the Palestinian society; being faithful in democracy and human rights is a prerequisite to realize the efficiency of the human conscious ego.

Moammar revealed his thanks and gratitude to the Civil Participation Program for their efforts and role in helping the civil society institutions to carry out their role in their communities. He thanked the training stuff, especially Abdul-Men’em Attahrawee and Maher Eessa for their sincere effort in making the training successful.

Moammar stressed that the NSDL will  continue its efforts in promulgating the culture of human rights and democratic principles in the Palestinian society. He called upon the civil society institutions in the Gaza Strip to join their efforts together in order to build a civil Palestnian society where freedom, justice and equality prevail.