The NSDL organized a forum on the civil and political rights of the Palestinian woman. The forum was held in the main office of Annassr Charity Association in Rafah in the context of the project: ” Youth: rights and responsibilities” being implemented in cooperation with Trocaire international.

Ibraheem Moammar, the chairman of the NSDL, opened the meeting by talking about the importance of such forums in raising the intellectual and cultural level of the Palestinian youth of both sexes and generating a positive effect on the community. He stressed the importance of the woman role in the social, political and civil level as well as her rights and responsibilities and her knowledge of these  rights and responsibilities.

Sami Ghonaim, professor in Al-Quds Open University, came across the woman’s political right to candidacy and voting away from exercising pressure on her by husband or father to deprive her form practicing this right. Then, he talked about the woman’s right to public jobs without any discrimination, stressing that the Palestinian Law as well as the international agreements in this regard guarantee these rights to woman specially the right to political affiliation and organizing political parties without compulsion. Ghonaim then  discussed other rights, such as the rights to free expression and free thought and opinion, and said that woman is entitled to express her opinion freely in a way that conforms with her interests.

In the end of the meeting, the participants discussed legal articles that state the woman right to candidacy and voting  and talked about the civil rights of woman and the pressure being exerted on her by family and society and restricting her freedom in a wrong way. The participants revealed their happiness and hope that such meetings continue due to their importance in raising the awareness of the community.