The NSDL organized a public meeting entitled: ” national dialogue: chances of success and hazards of failure”. The meeting was held in the main office of the General Union of Palestinian Woman in Rafah town in attendance of representatives of  the various Palestinian factions, legal and notable personalities and a public mass.  The meeting was held in the context of the project ” Youth: rights and responsibilities” being implemented in cooperation with Trocaire institution.

The participants in the meeting comprised Ibraheem Ibrash, professor of political sciences in Al-azhar university and the resigned minister of culture; Dr. Ahamad Yousef, secretary of the dismissed ministry of foreign affairs; Yahya Rabah, political analyst and member of Fatah Revolutionary Council; Salah Abu Khatlah, professor of political sciences in Al-Quds Open University; and Ibraheem Moammar, chairman of the NSDL.

Abu Khatla opened the meeting and welcomed the guests, stressing on the importance of such meetings in such critical period in the life of the Palestinian people. He stressed that the political division in the Palestinian Territories has had negative consequences on the national efforts in realizing freedom and independence. He addressed the guests saying that all eyes are fixed on them to end the state of political division.

For his part, Moammar explained that the NSDL organized this meeting in order to contribute in ending the Palestinian political division and to exchange opinions on the national dialogue to be held this month and to deliver a massage to the Palestinian factions that the Palestinian people is waiting impatiently for the ending of the political division. Moammar affirmed the stance adopted by the NSDL ensuing the Hamas takeover on the Gaza Strip which affirmed that there is no alternative but reconciliation. And in manifestation of this, the NSDL organized many events, rallies, pickets and media campaigns to support the national dialogue. Moammer demanded the Arab League of Nations as the official sponsor of the dialogue to guarantee that the use of force shall not be resorted to again in settling political differences, which will be by an agreement on a unified national program that maintain the essence of our national cause; for the protection of the national project is the responsibility of all, and the Palestinian people will not tolerate any one who might widen the gap of political division. Moammar added that the independency of the national project is the sole guarantee of the unity of the Palestinian people, away from factionalism and the regional surrogatism; we should stand shoulder to shoulder in front of the external intervention to prevent any regional powers to play in the Palestinian field according to their whims and on the expense of the Palestinian people and his cause.

For his part, Dr. Ibrash wondered if Hamas movement is ready to move from the mood of the alternative to that of the partner. If she wants to be partner, she has to be welcomed. He added that the past years of cooperation and sacrifice have to trump the existing difference and that there is no alternative but national reconciliation.

For his apart, Yehya Rabah talked about the possibilities of making the dialogue successful and the grave repercussion the political division has brought on the Palestinian people and just cause. Regarding Fattah movement stance, Rabah affirmed that Fattah has fully determined to go to a national reconciliation and to step over all injuries to realize the national reconciliation as it is the sole alternative. He added that the Palestinian people shan’t forgive anyone who might squander this opportunity, and stressed that we have to deprive those who want the division to persist from the opportunity to realize their purpose by reaching a national reconciliation.

For his apart, Yousef affirmed that Hamas is seeking to be a real partner, for it is impossible for a certain faction to bear alone the responsibility of the national cause. He added that all efforts should be joint together to make the national project successful, and that Hamas and Fattah are complementary to each other and that the persistence of the political strife will lead to losing the national achievements throughout the past years. Yousef affirmed that Hamas is fully convinced of adapting with the other notwithstanding any differences. He emphasized that the Palestinian people is still socially consolidated that will be enhanced by reconciliation which will be presented to the Palestinian people and the Arab nation as a present so that the Palestinian cause resumes being a case of an Arab consensus.

In the end of the meeting, the participants appealed to all concerned parties to generate the proper atmosphere to make the national dialogue successful and to stop the media sedition which is still continuous despite an agreement to stop it. The participants deemed the local media responsible for widening the gap between the Palestinian factions and called upon the media to work professionally away from narrow denominationalism and factionalism that doesn’t serve but the Israeli occupation, the first and last benefit maker of the Palestinian internal strife. The participants revealed their thanks and gratitude to the Arab Republic of Egypt  for its persistence on realizing reconciliation.