The NSDL, represented by chairman Ibraheem Moammar, signed an agreement with the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Gaza Strip represented by Dr. Omar Shaban CRS program manager in Gaza Strip.

Shaban explained that the agreement is on an emergency relief program which was planned during the Israeli war on Gaza Strip. The project entails the distribution of food aids on families impoverished and damaged by the war, in addition to contributing in removing the aggression traces from the public places. The project includes psychological support and open entertainment days for children. Shaban added that there are activities dedicated to supporting the homemade produces of the housewives through buying these produces and then distributing them on more improvised families. He added that the object of this protect is to help the civil society institutions to alleviate the suffering if the Palestinian people.

On his part, Ibraheem Moammar, said that this project is a gesture of consolidation by the CRS with the Palestinian people. He added that the immensity of the catastrophe that afflicted the Gaza Strip requires that the civil society institutions exert its utmost effort on order to alleviate people’s suffering through any means possible.