The NSDL in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) released the activities of its project ” the NGOs’ Alliance for Defending Human Rights in Rafah and Khanyounis.

Releasing the project was announced in a broad meeting held in the General Union of Palestinian Woman conference hall in Rafah. The participants comprised Dr. Ossama Antar program manager of FES in the Gaza Strip, MP Ashraf Goma’a member of Supervision and Human Rights Committee, Ibraheem Moammar the head of board of the NSDL, Ahmad Abu Assaker the executive director of the NSDL, and the representatives of 65 of the partner institutions in Rafah and Khanyounis; in addition to notable personalities of the two governorates.

Moammr delivered a speech in which he talked about the project and its objectives, stressing that the project is a continuation to previous projects in cooperation with the NGOs.

Moammar said that the NSDL believes that protecting the human rights and dignity is a noble objective we should struggle for. Therefore, the NSDL has sought to making alliances with the civil society institutions in order to realize this objective.

Moammar called everybody to cooperate in order to make the project successful, showing his hope that the alliance may turn into a lobby contributing in ending the political divide and, thence, lifting the siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

On his part, Osama Antar revealed his appreciation to the efforts exerted by the NSDL along previous years to build the network of the civil society institutions able to protect the human rights.

Antar affirmed that building alliances among civil society institutions makes these institutions powerful and able to make influence on decision making in the community. He gave the example of what happens in Germany where institutions built alliances that sometimes comprised more that 100,000 institutions.

On his part, the MP Goma’a commended the institutions’ alliance in the southern Gaza Strip, which aims to protect the human rights and maintain the public freedoms. He reminded of the Palestinian Basic Law that states the protection of human rights, dignity and public freedoms. He conveyed his hope that the alliance succeed in achieving its objectives and the idea extend to the rest of Palestine and even to the neighboring countries.

After that, the presence discussed the project’s details. Moammer and Abu Assaker submitted a detailed description of the stages of the project which is to be opened by training courses comprising 300 activists from Rafah and Khanyounis representing the partner institutions.