A workshop on the reality of the public freedoms in the Palestinian territories


The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) organized this morning a workshop on the reality of the public freedoms in the Gaza Strip. The workshop is organized in the context of the activities of the Civil Society Institutions Network for Defending Human Rights in the southern governorates. The workshop was held in the NSDL’s meeting hall in attendance of  Muhsin Abu Ramadan, deputy head of board of the Network, and Ibrahim Moammar, head of board of the NSDL, in addition to a group of media and civil society practitioners.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ibraheem Moamer stated that ” the atmosphere of the political strife between Fatah and Hamas the Palestinian arena had witnessed had its gloomy impact on the public freedoms. Along the years of the political divide, the public freedoms have witnessed grave deterioration of the values of tolerance, democracy and the human rights, enhancing instead the values of extremism and factionalism which has been embodied in grave violations that manifested a blatant assault on the individual and public freedoms and enormous breaches of the most of the international legislations and the Palestinian rules that has been introduced to protect the rights and freedoms of human being”.

Moammer came across the restrictions that have been imposed on the right to peaceful assembly, represented in manifestations as quelling peaceful marches, shooting towards peacefully assembled people, assaulting media workers, banning the release and distribution of newspapers, and detaining some media personalities.

On his part, Abu Ramadan came across the campaigns conducted by the Network to combat corruption and to confront the closing down of institutions and the preconditioned financing and to guarantee the citizen’s right to free movement and free political participation in addition to participating in drafting the Civil Society Institutions Law. In addition to their struggle to alienate the civil society institutions away from the political strife.

Moreover, Abu Ramadan talked about the national campaign for defending freedoms, the objective of which is to raise the voice high to the decision makers to call attention to the necessity of safeguarding the public freedoms and the compliance with the Basic System and the legislations that guarantee the public freedoms and to demand the concerned authorities to confront the assault on freedoms.