The National society for Democracy and Law has recently finished a training course entitled: “enhancing the democratic values and the rule of law/after-school program”, which is funded by the USAID, in attendance of 16 trainees from civil society institutions in Rafah and Khanyounis.

The 5-day course had discussed along 30 training hours the concepts of child’s rights, impact of violence and aggressiveness on behavior, citizenship, tolerance, Palestinian child’s law, communication skills, effective facilitation and teaching techniques, in addition to many merriment activities for the animation activities.

Ahmad Abu Assaker, executive director of the NSDL, explained that 8 animators had been chosen to work as activators in the project that continues for four months and targets 160 children from Rafah and Khanyounis which aims to provide children with concepts of the rule of law through extra-curricular activities.

Abu Assaker added that the activities will be conducted through four main phases: tolerance, parent-son dialogue, merriment and games, and back up education. The project will include distributing school bags and uniforms and holding merriment and educative trips, in addition to other activities that aims to convey democracy and rule of law principles like theatrical sketches and drawing exhibitions.

On her part,  animator Dalia Aljamal said that the training course helped her to open wider horizons for helping children to change the negative social manifestations into positive ones in the way of generating significant change in the children’s behavior and helping them to dissociate from violent and aggressive behavior resulted from the prevalent atmosphere in the Gaza strip.

On his part, animator Bahjat Abu Hajib explained that the training course is an addition to his experience in dealing with children and implementing extra-curricular activities on scientific foundations, as well as a good opportunity to enhance the values of tolerance and the skills of team work and working under pressure.