Continuation of collective punishment against the Palestinian people policy and the siege imposed by the Israeli government, shelling on the north and east of the Gaza Strip continues. Saturday night 20/5/2006 the Israeli aircraft targeted a civilian vehicle in Gaza City, by shelling several rockets, which resulted in the martyrdom of a whole family and injured 7 others, where they were led to Shifa Hospital in Gaza

The martyrs are /
1 – Mohamed Al Dahdouh
2 – Ms. Hanan Ameen
3 – Ms. Naima Ameen
4 – The child Mohanad Ameen
5 – and wounding the father Mohammed and his brothers Imad Ameen and the girl Maria Ameen .

We in the National Society for Democracy and Law
strongly condemn the Israeli policy of assassinations, and condemn this dangerous Israeli escalation against children, women and elderly and we consider this heinous criminal act done by the occupation government aircraft an obvious and serious violation of human rights and the rights of child, in particular that a girl and children were among of martyrs.

We call upon the international community to immediately intervene to force Israel to stop the heinous assassination policy, which contrary to all human values and principles,

We call upon the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and for the protection of civilians during the war immediate intervene to stop Israel’s assassination policy, which aimed primarily at undermining the peace process

We appeal to supporters of democracy in the world to intervene to protect children ,women and elderly from the brutality of the Israeli war machine, which persists in the arrogance and violations of Palestinian human rights .