The Israeli Occupation Forces are still besieging the Gaza Strip in sea, sky, and land and closing all the crossings of the Gaza Strip, leading to a severe dwindle in the fuel and food stow and medicine. In addition, the cessation of electric power led in corollary to the stoppage of water supply to citizens; for the people in the Gaza Strip depend in their procurement of water on electric plumbers. Besides, the Gaza Strip originally suffers a shortage in the supply of electricity.

On persisting in its aggressions, the Israeli helicopters rocketed at today dawn, Sunday 2/7/2006, the headquarters of the prime ministry, in particular the office of the prime minister Isma’eel Haniyyah leading to the inflammation of the building. In another aggression, the Israeli aircrafts rocketed a position belongs to the Executive Force of the ministry of interior in downtown Jabalia, killing the citizen Sha’aban Abdell Men’em Ma’amoun (34 years). In addition, the Israeli aircrafts rocketed Msabbeh village north of Rafah Governorate destructing many greenhouses. The Israeli tanks penetrated Al-Qararah area in Khanyounis governorate and razed wide spaces of agricultural lands in the area. Furthermore, the Israeli military aircrafts practices the illusive raids by penetrating the sound barrier causing severe sounds horrifying children.

In view of these Israeli violations of human rights and the international humanitarian law, the NSDL emphasizes on the following;

1- The Israeli occupation government must ceases its land, sea, and air bombardment on civilian targets in the Gaza Strip.

2- Israel bears the full responsibility for violations of human rights and international traditions in the Gaza Strip.

3- The international community should intervene immediately to stop the Israeli aggression and to lift the economic siege imposed on the Gaza strip.

4- NSDL calls upon the Quartet committee as well as the international community to intervene to save the Palestinians from the oppression of the Israeli war machine.