The National Society for Democracy and Law condemns the Israeli continued escalation in the Gaza Strip and demanded the international community to put pressure on the Israeli Occupation to stop the escalation in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli reconnaissance aircraft fired two missiles at about five o’clock in the evening on Sunday, 07/10/2012, targeting motorcycle which driven by two young near a school Mohammed Yousef al-Najjar in the Brazil neighborhood south of Rafah, causing seriously injuries, also wounded eight civilians from the area residents, including four children, was injured both Sabrin Hussein Mohamed Alqtros, (23 years), and the child Naseem Mohammed Hassan Maqqousi, (2 years), and his sister Bisan, (one month), and all of them transferred to the Gaza European Hospital where medical sources described their injuries as moderate, were also injured Jihad Hassan Abdel Rahman Alqtros, (19), and the child Bachir Mustafa Qeshta (10 years), and the girl Malak Hisham Abu Jazr, (3 years), and Awad Ahmed Abu Armana, (30 years), and Abdul Hadi Mahmoud Khaled Abu Mour, (57 years), and all of that is a resident of Brazil.
. As Israeli warplanes bombed on Monday 08/10/2012, vacant land in the vicinity of the Afaneh farm livestock east of Rafah. Also bombed a mosque with three artillery shells in AL Faraheen region east of Khan Younis, in addition to targeting a water tank in the area of ​​Khuza’a.
The National Society for Democracy and Law strongly condemns the escalatation of the Israeli occupation forces and the  attacks on the Gaza Strip, and deplores targeting residential areas, which indicates a deliberate occupation forces inflict mass casualties among civilians, in gross violation of human rights and international humanitarian law.
And calls on the international community to leave its silence and move to provide protection to civilians and end the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and stop the Israeli aggression renewed its inhabitants. The society considers that the silence and the international community’s inability to hold the Occupation crimes encouraged them to continue the violation of international humanitarian law and to commit more crimes against civilians.

The National Society for Democracy and Law
Gaza / Rafah