Under the persistent Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip and the policy of collective punishment upon the Palestinian people that the Israeli government imposes, and the continuity of the artillery bombardment on the different regions of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military surveillance planes initiated two raids near Rafah crossing point in Saturday 4/8/2007. In one raid, the warplanes launched two rockets on a civilian car destroying it. In the same time, a plane launched two rockets on a lorry destroying it.

The air raids resulted in the killing of two citizens: Hisham Al-Jamal and Medhat Al-Halabi, and the wounding of 20 others.

In a previous time in the Dawn of Friday, Israeli tanks supported by surveillance warplanes penetrated the Gaza International Airport and initiated a campaign of searching houses and arrests.


1- Condemns the grave Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip and the ex-law executions that defies all the humanitarian laws and the International conventions, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention concerning the protection of civilians. The NSDL considers that the brutal criminal deeds that the Israeli warplanes did as grave violations of the human rights.

2- Appeals to the international community to intervene immediately to enforce Israel to stop its brutal policy of assassinations that defies all human values and principles.

3- Demands that the international courts bring to justice the Israeli war criminals involved in perpetrating massacres against the Palestinian people considering their deeds as war crimes against humanity and systematic terrorism.