On Sunday October 6th 2019, the National Society for Democracy and Law opened a mural within ” we are all the same” initiative, which the society implemented within the project of strengthen public and institutional pressure mechanisms to protect the social and economic rights of marginalized groups in the Palestinian territories in partnership with the Palestinian Consultative Authority for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations, funded by the European Union.

The opening of the mural was attended by the Society’s staff and the initiative team, who in turn underlined the message contained in the mural, entitled “Promoting the economic and social rights of persons with disabilities” as well as the need to change the stereotype towards persons with disabilities.

In addition, the staff of the Association stressed the importance of the participation of persons with disabilities in the activities of the initiative, as part of the process of community integration with these people, and their strong belief in the energy they have. It clearly emerged during the activities of the initiative in which they participated, they presented their creativity and excellence, although it is indicative that disability does not hinder their activity, potential and active role in society.