The National Society for Democracy and Law, in cooperation with the Center for Women’s Health Center – Al Bureij, of the Culture and Free Thought  Association, conducted an awareness workshop for a number of women on breast cancer and its early detection mechanism.

The meeting was led by Lubna Sabra, a Health educator from the Women’s Health Center – Bureij. she began with the definition of breast cancer, which is excess cancer cells found in the body specifically the breast area and under the armpit, it’s a non-infectious disease, which affects very few men, one man out of 100 men, and with men are more dangerous than women.

Sabra stressed that breast cancer is the most common in Gaza Strip, especially after the recent war on Gaza Strip, and confirmed that the early detection of breast cancer facilitates 90% of the possibility of treatment.

At the end of the meeting, Sabra urged the women who attended the meeting on the necessity of permanent detection of their bodies, in order to prevent any possible disease, which will contribute to the preservation of their health.