We are all the same…  A logo for the economic and social protection of persons with disabilities.


The National Society for Democracy and Law launched an advocacy campaign entitled “We are all the same”, which highlights the rights of persons with disabilities, which aims to informing citizens, institutions and competent authorities of their rights and needs, this campaign comes within the project of strengthening popular and institutional pressure mechanisms to protect the social and economic rights of marginalized groups in the Palestinian territories In partnership with the Palestinian Advisory Commission for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations, funded by the European Union.

Dozens of activists, influencers and people with disabilities have participated in the social media campaign, which launched on Sunday morning, September 15, at the association’s headquarters, east of Rafah, by launching a series of tweets containing laws for people with disabilities and demanding to be applied on the ground. Implementing the Palestinian Law No. 4 of 1999 on a minimum of 5% for the work of persons with disabilities in governmental and private institutions.

Activists also called on official bodies and civil society institutions to improve the stereotype of how to deal with persons with disabilities without discrimination, and the need to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which Palestine ratified in April 2014.

The campaign received widespread solidarity from the citizens who participated in marking the #Hash tag, with tweets that carried the best forms of support, considering persons with disabilities as an integral part of the national struggle, so their rights must be respected, and they must abide by the application of Palestinian laws, and hold accountable any violation against them.