The National Society for Democracy and Law concluded on Thursday, August 8, 2019, a training course entitled “Social and Economic Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, “We are all equal ” initiative, which comes within the project of strengthening popular and institutional pressure mechanisms to protect the social and economic rights of marginalized groups in the Palestinian territories in partnership with the Authority. The Palestinian NGO Development Consultancy, funded by the European Union.

The training was concluded with the participation of 18 members and volunteers representing a number of community-based organizations active in Rafah, including 10 trainees with disabilities. From 4 August 2019 to 8 August 2019, for 4 days with 20 training hours.

The training sessions were supervised by Fatima Ashour; The course covered many topics that fit the needs of the target group related to the social and economic rights of persons with disabilities, including: Concepts about women with disabilities “Concept correction, communication etiquette with women with disabilities”, social rights of women with disabilities between international and domestic law, lobbying and advocacy skills to promote the social rights of women with disabilities, influencing, persuasion and dumping skills for women with disabilities.

At the end of the session, the Assembly organized a closing ceremony for its achievements, Mohammed Sabah, Deputy Chairman of the National Society for Democracy and Law, thanked the management of the Association to the Palestinian Consultative Authority for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations for its pioneering role in supporting the rights of persons with disabilities. He also stressed that people with disabilities need such training courses, which develop their skills, where he explained to the participants that the Association needs new leaders able to claim their legal rights and change the stereotypical view of society towards the disability issue. In addition He called for the cooperation of all young men and women who have disabilities to support their case. Sabbah stressed that “the doors of the association will always be open to them to benefit from their expertise in everything related to what they have learned and the services provided by the association, Inviting participants to transfer what they learned in the course to their small constituencies and peers to disseminate interest and transfer knowledge.

The trainer Fatma Ashour assure the excellence of the course in terms of the target group and the diversity of its specialties, which gave her access to a new categories, she added that this course comes within the framework of developing theoretical knowledge and providing practical skills for participants with disabilities on the social and economic rights of persons with disabilities and she contributes to the create real change in the society behavior leading to respect and protection of their rights. She stressed the need of Continuous communication between the Association and participants in training and the need to strengthen it after the end of the session to serve their human rights issues in society.

Mohamed El-Gamal, the Secretary of the Association, stressed the excellence of the session with its rich topics and its contribution in raising the awareness of participants about the social and economic rights of persons with disabilities, and the efficiency of the trainer and the various training methods and interactive used in the management of training sessions.

At the end of the ceremony, training certificates were distributed to participants.