The twelfth respectively day of the Israeli military occupation forces continued offensive on Gaza Strip, which resulted in the deaths of more than 682 people including 158 children, 41 women, in addition to the injury of more than 3 thousand person, including hundreds of civilians who have very serious injuries, were by targeting the communities in different parts of Gaza Strip.

In which, all Gaza Strip to has targeted of rockets, rocket planes and tanks, and the Gaza Strip has become a war zone does not exist for the security of civilians, especially after the occupation forces have targeted mosques, hospitals, medical staff, accommodation centers of UNRWA , and press crew.

The Israeli occupation still continues its crimes without moral or legal deterrent of by the international community, and it appears that the heinous crimes committed in all parts of the Gaza Strip is no longer sufficient for them, as it became clear that the occupation forces are preparing for implementation of a humanitarian disaster and a new massacre in Rafah the southern of Gaza Strip, and demonstrates this through aircraft publications warning leaflet in some neighborhoods of Rafah, calls the population to evacuate and leave their homes in preparation for bombardment. The focus of these data in the neighborhood of a border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Calling people to evacuate their homes from the border strip to Sea Street, and it is worth mentioning that the neighborhood of the border in Rafah, a population of approximately thirty thousand people, which demonstrates the seriousness of what occupation forces intends to implement against , more than 30 thousand Palestinian citizens living in the those areas.

National Assembly for Democracy and Law :

1 – Calls upon the international community immediately intervene to save Rafah government from massacre and humanitarian catastrophe will be resolved before it is too late.

2 – Adjure human rights organizations in the world intervene to stop the madness of Israel war against the Palestinian civilians.

3 – Warning of more casualties among Palestinian civilians, in light of the Israeli threats continuing, which underlines the intention of occupying forces intends to implement disaster and massacre in Rafah, NSDL renewed its invitation to the international community immediately intervene to stop such crimes, and renewed its adjure to the High Contracting Parties to the Convention on the Fourth Geneva to fulfill their obligations contained in Article I of the Convention, undertake to respect and ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, as well as the commitments contained in Article 146 of the Convention to prosecute the accused of committing grave breaches of the Convention, bearing in mind that these violations are war crimes according to article 147 of the Convention Fourth Geneva for the protection of civilians, under the Additional Protocol I to the Convention to ensure the right of protection of Palestinian civilians in the occupied territories.

4 – NSDL calls upon the international community to seriously downplayed with the Israeli threats, which calls for the evacuation of residents of Rafah homes.