The National society for Democracy and Law organized an awareness-raising field tours within the Southern Region universities as part of the “Youth Against Violence” initiative in cooperation with Pal Think Foundation for Strategic Studies, which is part of the “Palestinian Gathering for Non-Violence” ,which aims to promote the culture of non-violence in Palestinian society as a lifestyle to solve differences by activating the role of the youth component and civil society institutions in spreading the culture of non-violence. These tours were aimed at a group of students from southern universities.

The awareness-raising tours were organized in order to enhance the role of youth of both sexes in reducing the phenomenon of community violence against women by drawing attention to the seriousness of this phenomenon and its impact on the components of society and the importance of their role in reducing it.

These tours targeted the University of Palestine, Southern Branch, Gaza University, Southern Branch, Palestine Polytechnic University, Rafah Branch, and the Arab College of Applied Sciences, Rafah Governorate.

The group was represented by Hossam Jarghon, Executive Director and the Lawyer Rabab Al Shaer, Coordinator of the Youth Against Violence Initiative.

Field trips started at the University of Palestine where Hani Abu Mustafa, “Coordinator of Public Relations” welcomed the team of the Association., and then Gaza University, where was received by Dr. Salam al-Agha, Director of the Southern Branch, and then the Arab College of Applied Sciences. Ziad El-Nada, Head of Projects Department, and finally Palestine Polytechnic University, Mr. Youssef Mousa “Director of Rafah Branch”.

The team met with a number of students in the mentioned Universities and began to identify the initiative and objectives that the Association seeks to achieve and the importance of this initiative as it enhances the role of young people of both sexes in reducing the phenomenon of community violence against women, stressing the importance of such activities in activating the role of the youth component in the fight against community violence against women as the youth are the most influential group and during this round was distributed a set of posters and pens to students and the title of this initiative and slogans against violence.

At the end of the field tours, the representatives of universities in the southern region thanked the Association’s team for this activity and stressed the importance of working to educate the youth, especially university students, about the dangers of societal violence, which increase the culture of non-violence in the Palestinian society and call for holding more awareness activities Which enhance their role in defending women.