The National Society for Democracy and Law organized a recreational trip for the Southern Region universities students as part of the youth against violence initiative, in partnership with Pal Think Foundation for Strategic Studies and the Palestinian Gathering for the Promotion of a Culture of Nonviolence

The purpose of the recreational trip was to enhance the role of youth of both sexes in reducing the phenomenon of community violence against women by drawing attention to the seriousness of this phenomenon and its impact on the society and the importance of their role in reducing it.

Along with the students, Mr. Mohammed Al Gamal “Secretary of the Assembly”  participated in the trip and a number of staff and volunteers of the Association.

A lot of recreational activities and legal competitions were held for the participants. The students expressed their happiness and pride in the role of the association in enhancing their role in reducing the phenomenon of violence against women and their participation in this new activity.

In the end, they returned to the Society’s headquarters and the staff thanked the students who participated in the trip.