The Palestinians killed number in Rafah, increased to be 48 and tens of injuries as a result of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, during 22 days the Israeli occupation forces used warplanes and missiles, heavy artillery shells, which led to the destruction of entire areas, in addition to, Israeli occupation forces targeting the mosques, especially Al_Abrar mosque in Shaboura, and continuous shelling of the border areas, which led to displacement thousands of Palestinian families from their homes in fear of the Israeli war machine.

The Israeli violations during the past two days as follows:

* The aircraft continued bombing of an Israeli occupation in different parts of Rafah, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, 16/1/2009, Israeli military aircraft bombed a group of missile resistance in the village of Um Nasser, north of Rafah, resulting in the death one of them, and wounding two others. Hammouda and Al-Zayed is Thabet, for 21 years.

* Approximately at 1:05 am on Saturday, 17/1/2009, Israeli helicopter aircraft bombed Ahmed Ali Aboul-Enein house that contains of two floors and 40 person live in it, in the district of El Geneina.

* Approximately at 11:20, the corpses of the citizen’s Atiyyah Talab Abu_Lyhsan and Anwar Saleh Abotik who live in the town of Al_Nasr, north of Rafah, arrived at Abu Yousef Al Najjar hospital, after shelling the town.

* At 10:00 p.m. Saturday, 17/1/2009, Israeli military aircraft type F-16 bombed the border strip with Egypt, south of Rafah. Without causing injuries, causing more destruction in the houses.

At approximately 2:00 Sunday morning 19/1/2009, the Israeli occupying forces redeployment in Shouka, Rafah. In which they penetrate deeply in to the town and causing damage in houses and concrete plants in the region, in addition to, sabotage the infrastructure of the streets, electricity, telephone and water. The occupation forces stay within the Palestinian territories near the crossroads of Sofa, east of Rafah.

NSDL strongly condemns the Israeli campaign continues against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and consider the aggression as contrary to all humanitarian laws and international norms and conventions.

NSDL calls upon the international community immediately intervene to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, where the aggression comes in the Israeli plan carefully programmed and systematic application in Israel.

We also call upon the international human rights organizations to denounce the Israeli violations and to prosecute Israeli officials as war criminals against humanity.

We call upon the international community intervene to pressure on the Israeli government and force it to stop its aggression on the Gaza Strip and the withdrawal of its troops from the Gaza Strip and the lifting of the blockade and open the crossings