The National Society for Democracy and Law organized  a solidarity stand to support prisoners on the Israelis poisons, a number of jurists, media professionals, representatives of civil society organizations and reformers were participated.

lawyer Belal Al-Najjar affirmed the support the rights of the Palestinian prisoners and the necessity of uniting the national diplomatic, legal and other efforts in order to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to release the Palestinian prisoners.

In addition, Al-Najjar stressed that arbitrary policies and practices that the Israeli occupation deliberately uses against prisoners without a legal justification for this, conceder a flagrant violation of all international treaties and conventions.

Al-Najjar called on the international community to put an end to the Israeli violations against the prisoners, stressing that the absence of accountability is tantamount to encouraging the occupying state to commit further violations of prisoners

This stand included other activities, such as a poem in support of the rights and demands of prisoners.