In cooperation with the National Society for Democracy and Low and Pal Think Foundation for Strategic Studies conducted  a meeting entitled: ” The right of peaceful assembly and its relationship with the concepts of democracy and human rights”. A number of young people of both sexes and from different disciplines attended the meeting.

The lawyer Belal Al- Najjar opened the meeting and greeting the attendees and introducing Pal Think Foundation, its activates and the objects it seeks to achieve. Also introduces the National Society. Thiss meeting was part of the ongoing cooperation between the two institutions in order to enhance the youth’s abilities in the field of democracy and human rights.

Al-Najjar also talked about human rights, their definitions, characteristics, principles and sections, and then explained the relationship between human rights and the right of peaceful assembly.

Moreover, Al-Najjar spoke about the concepts of democracy, its purpose and forms, and highlighted the problems that may face it and the laws that have affirmed this established principle in Palestinian legislation and in international human rights law.

In addition to that, he discuss the right of peaceful assembly and the procedures for organizing it and the legal framework governing this right.

During the meeting , questions and inquiries were discussed and answered .