The NSDL condemns the Israeli occupation’s banning of human rights organization from entering the Gaza Strip in order to investigate the Israeli human rights violations during the recent Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli authorities banned Human Rights Watch from entering the Gaza Strip to investigate the Israeli violations of the war laws.

Human Rights Watch had submitted a request to the occupation forces to permit its representatives to enter the Gaza Strip though Beit Hanon (Erez) crossing point. But the Israeli authorities informed Human Rights Watch its refusal.

The NSDL considers the ban a conspicuous disregard to the international laws and traditions, and an attempt by the Israeli occupation to conceal its hideous crimes during the was on Gaza, especially the siege it imposes on the Gaza Strip that manifests a grave violation of human rights as its considered a collective punishment.

The NSDL reminds the International Community of the Israeli ban of Richard Falk, the UN rappoteur of the Occupied Palestinian Territory for human rights,  from entering the Palestinian Territory in 14/12/2008, and considers that the silence of the international Community and the international human rights organizations encouraged Israel to persist in its indifference to the international humanitarian law.

The NSDL demands that

1- The United Nations intervene to force the occupation government to respect the human rights and allow the human rights institutions and activists to enter the Gaza Strip to witness the immensity of the catastrophe that afflicted the innocent civilians as a result of the war which continued for 22 days.

2- The human rights organizations investigate immediately in all war crimes Israel perpetrated against the Palestinian civilians and bring the perpetrators to justice.

3-  The human rights organizations in the world to continue their efforts of revealing the Israeli human rights violations in the Gaza Strip.