In cooperation with Gaza University- South Branch- and  NSDL conducted a workshop entitled, “Legal mechanisms for the protection of marital rights”, activity within the media campaign carried out by the association for university students on marital rights, attended by more than 47 students, within the activities and events of the project of providing legal aid services to the vulnerable groups in the governorate of Rafah through the program ” Sawasya II “, Joint Program of the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Women’s Fund and the United Nations Children’s Fund_ UNICEF: strengthening the rule of law in the State of Palestine.

Dr. Hatem Al-Assouli,” head of the media department at Gaza University”, starts the meeting by greeting the attendance and thanking the Association for their activities, and the interest of university students and legal awareness in order to reach a society full of justice, in turn, the project coordinator “Hossam Jarghon” greeting the attendance again and get acquainted with the Association ,” Sawasya II ” program and the goal it seeks to achieve. He also talked about the association , the legal clinic and the project implemented by the association and the most important goals and activities it seeks to achieve.

The meeting began with lawyer Belal Al-Najjar, who spoke about his role in defending the rights of vulnerable groups, especially women, and clarifying the methods of organizing the marriage contract and preserving the rights resulting from it, and highlighted the legal problems that occur during the marriage and the types of marital rights.

Then he talked about the mechanisms and methods of preserving marital rights and the promotion of concepts based on respect for these rights. During the workshop, a competition was announced for the university students in the most beautiful drawing that expresses the marital rights in exchange for a symbolic reward for the winning painting. This will be drawn on murals inside 4 universities and colleges in the southern region, and the aim of these murals is to correct the misconceptions prevalent among young people.

At the end of the meeting, discussions, interventions and responses to all legal proceedings were opened.