NSDL carried out a series of legal awareness workshops in Rafah, it Conducted 10 legal awareness workshops during January 2019. The topics for these workshops included the Personal Status Law and the procedures before the courts in the Gaza Strip, either legal or regular, the land law in Palestine and the provisions of the orphan.

This was done in cooperation with several civil society associations including ” Tender without Borders assembly, Team of the good, Ring of silence for people with hearing disabilities, The Association of the Disabled, Rafah Farmers Association, the Association for the Development of Rural Women, Joud Charity Association, Future Builders Association, Rafah Services Club, Islamic Society of Rafah.

It comes within the activities and events of the project of” providing legal aid services to the vulnerable groups in the governorate of Rafah” through the program ” Sawasya II “, Joint Program of the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Women’s Fund and the United Nations Children’s Fund( UNICEF): strengthening the rule of law in the State of Palestine.

The legal clinic team concentrated on issues of marriage, engagement, women’s financial rights such as alimony and deferred dowry in case of divorce and husband’s death; since it is considered as a debt on the husband even after his death and they explained the ways of getting it. Moreover, they addressed issues like house of obedience (a term used to refer to a house prepared for disobedient wife), legal separation.

The legal clinic team also talked about land issues in the Palestinian law, the rulings of the orphan, the procedures applied before the Shari’a and the regular courts, and the rulings of the orphan.

At the end of the meetings, the attendees were given the opportunity to raise their inquiries, which were answered and discussed; and a set of recommendation were made up. Moreover, the attendees called for more informative legal awareness workshops.